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ALL OUT PPV - August 31, 2019


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7 minutes ago, AxB said:

He's saying "More than one", not "Two". Maybe he's just being respectful to the Funks, Harts, Guerreros, Von Erichs, Ortons, Santos, Wagners & Parkas, et cetera.

That’s certainly how I interpreted it, as a push back against the narrative rewritten and reframed by the victors, revolving around the one family and underplaying the others. And it’s certainly been borne out so far in the use of Hart, Tully, Arn, Magnum etc.

Its just too sad that there are so few Harts and Hart adopted family still with us and still active wrestlers. Imagine Bulldog with his son, Pilman with his son, Bret, Neidhart and Nattie, Kidd, all affiliated with this upstart alternative.

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