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11 hours ago, username said:

I think WWE will have a hard time convincing anyone that Bryan has any shot of besting Roman, FWIW. In that context... yes, Bryan losing to someone low card at this particular moment is probably not helping. Bryan's been very fallible for the last half year or so, if anything he needs a chance to show that he's still a threat.


Now there is the larger argument that wins and losses don't actually matter much at this point, and if one wants to argue that then I'm not sure I can disagree. I still think it's a bad way to operate though.

One of the best things about Bryan is that he can out wrestle the booking. He can lose and act cowardly and still come off like a threat. Not many people could pull off what he did against Lesnar at SS, working as an undersized heel against a monster heel and still being believable. In a way, that’s what makes DBry the perfect WWE wrestler, no matter what insanity is thrown at him he still gets over. Everyone else is fucked though.

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