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UFC 241: Cormier vs. Miočić II (8/17/2019) - Anaheim, CA (Honda Center)


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3 minutes ago, jaedmc said:

I want to believe it will because I'd like to see Stipe get his win back, but it's hard to bet against DC. 

There is always a possibility that Cormier is not what he once was. However, I have trouble seeing Stipe avoiding getting caught again. Maybe Stipe wants to fight a much more conservative, safer fight using his reach advantage, but that's never been his style.

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That was some man shit. Two of the hardest hitters on the planet throwing leather. I know Romero is a cyborg but I can't believe he didn't slow down after that gross body work. Incredible fight. 

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I thought Romero would snatch it away with that late takedown but the judges saw otherwise.  Good win for Costa.

I don't know how smart is it calling the Stylebender out, though.

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