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7 hours ago, caley said:

I haven’t read this but imagine some folks might find it interesting 


Wanted to bring this back since it was lost in the shuffle with so many crazy stories. This has a news paper clipping reprint from when Bruno beat Killer Kowalski and there's a great paragraph that says:


The Sammartino Championship fight wasn't the only spectacular. Good clean Dom DeNucci pinned the terrible Lou Albano who kept using illegal tape to rub the victor's eyes.


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6 hours ago, West Newbury Bad Boy said:


And as far as "making wins and losses matter," the Bound For Glory Series was an attempt. It wasn't entirely successful, but it was an attempt. 

By the end of the BFG series, that was as convoluted and poorly thought through program as anything on WWE today. That is not a good defense of Bischoff. 

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On 6/27/2019 at 5:55 PM, thee Reverend Axl Future said:

One of my immutable wrestling conclusions is that Eric Bischoff was, is and always will be shite. The man is a carbunkle on the biz. He ain't no carny because his stream of lies make no one any money. Both his alleged creativity and his stillborn business acumen have hurt the wrestling business. Oy vey, I am not even looking forward to the trainwreck...


I gotta quote myself because I agree with this even more 27 hours later.

- RAF,  genius have brain will travel

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1 hour ago, joseph2112 said:

By the end of the BFG series, that was as convoluted and poorly thought through program as anything on WWE today. 

You're giving WWE today too much credit. Nothing is given enough thought or effort to become 1/10th as convoluted. I'll take Eric's ill-conceived slop over being in the doldrums. 

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The thing is, HHH is going to be the guy executive directors report to sooner rather than later. I know people say " Vince's Mom lived to 104!" 

Vince's Mom didn't  live a life full of stress, sleep deprivation, steroids, steak roll ups, 80's coke use, and total obsession with business. I think those genetic extra points have been spent.

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21 minutes ago, Nice Guy Eddie said:

I can't believe nobody has mentioned the pile of gold we may be sitting on with Bischoff back.

the return of the TEAM CHALLENGE SERIES!!!!

Yes, I know Bischoff claims the TCS wasn't his idea.

Yet Bischoff was there during the Bound for Glory Series in TNA which was pretty much the singles version of it.

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5 minutes ago, Niners Fan in CT said:

4 hours of Crockett Cup is #1  😮

AWA Breakfast Cereals isn't even the greatest AWA Hidden Gem.  That 1990 pilot with the empty arena cutting to fans clearly in a bar, wrestlers entering to video screens of an audience of 12, and Verne Gagne's dog having the same eyes as him...   

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Just now, Nice Guy Eddie said:

I honestly don't think I've seen Home Alone since 1990.

My freakish retention of throwaway movie lines is the main reason my mom thought I was on the autism spectrum until I was about 14. And I'm not making a joke. She still talks about it all the time. So I don't blame you for not picking up on that reference.

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8 hours ago, Zakk_Sabbath said:

ALREADY they're gonna be on TV. Unless Heyman and Bischoff come out and say "Other than my comments here, you will not see me. But know that I am in charge. What you see every (Monday/Tuesday) night is my vision for (Raw/SD!). Enjoy" then I already consider it more of the same bullshit where it's the god damn Muppet Show except it's about trying to run a wrestling show instead of the vaudeville stuff.

That's probably my biggest complaint when I say why I finally quit the main shows after WM. So fucking much of the main roster TV is just a show about putting on a wrestling show. Even going back years and years when things weren't half bad. "Tonight in this very ring..." or "Tag team match, playa" I mean Jesus Christ what were you gonna do if the other dudes didn't storm out there angrily? We were all gonna just hang out and watch Lugz commercials til 11? That's why literally every other current wrestling program I watch from NXT to 205 to AEW to NJPW to whatever indie stuff I find online feels so much god damn fresher: they're just wrestling shows. Not shows about running a wrestling show, just a wrestling show.

I realized I said GD and JC a lot in that. I apologize for my use of religious iconography.

I cannot like this enough. I can't highlight this enough. If literally nothing else changes, this is what has to change. I do not give a flying fuck who is in charge of the show. The Muppet Show analogy is spot on and its been beaten into the ground 1000s of times over. LoneWolf&Subs had the right idea about championship committees and presidents. You know why Regal works so damn well as the head of NXT? You never see him unless he is making an important announcement and then he goes away. Back in the day you never saw Jack Tunney unless he was in the opening five minutes of Superstars because some shit went down and he had to address it.

I love Paul, but I would be 100% content if I never saw him on screen again. Let him be backstage(far, far away from a checkbook)and focus on making this shit better. Don't tell me it's going to be better. Don't tell me the show I have devoted multiple hours watching sucks and make me feel stupid for watching it. Just take the time and do what you need to do to make ti better,

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3 minutes ago, Johnny Sorrow said:

I think Bischoff was working for Verne when they had the AWA Breakfast Cereal Wars show, which is on the Network and is the greatest Hidden Gem behind The Last Battle Of Atlanta. So there's that! 👍

Are you trying to pull off a reset of the timeline like in Flash? I don't think it worked.

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