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When I was working for UPW back in the day, we got a stern lecture about "doing drugs in the parking lot". Not coincidentally, this was the show after we booked Van Dam.


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14 minutes ago, BrianS81177 said:

I'll say. Was there any big names on the show?

Mick Foley, Billy Gunn, Rene Dupree, Nick Aldis, Sinn Bodhi, Luke Hawx and Hardcore Holly are the names I've seen so far. Really Grant Holt (ex-Norwich City footballer) may have drawn more of the house than the actual wrestlers.

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This is probably in reverse card order.

Name of the event:    WAW Fightmare 3
Date:    02.06.2019
Promotion:    World Association Of Wrestling
Type:    Event
Location:    Norwich, Norfolk, England, UK
Arena:    Norwich City Football Stadium

WAW British Heavyweight Title Best Two Out Of Three Falls Match
Tony Knight (c) defeats Zak Knight [2:1]
WAW Open Light Heavyweight Title Five Way Match (vakant)
Brad O'Brien defeats Alex Young and Jaiden Docwra and Peter Nixon and Villman - TITLE CHANGE !!!
WAW World Tag Team Title Four Way Match
The UK Pitbulls (Big Dave & Bulk) defeat Senior Citizens (Nemesis & Steve Quintain) (c) and The Foji (Onkar Singh & Rishpal) and The Queen's World Order (Mitchell Starr & Priscilla) - TITLE CHANGE !!!
Three Way Match
Luke Hawx defeats Cody Hall and Hardcore Holly
WAW International Title Match
Brody Steele (c) defeats Sinn Bodhi
WAW Undisputed World Heavyweight Title Match
Ricky Knight Jr. defeats Roy Knight (c) - TITLE CHANGE !!!
Shoot Fight Match (Special Referee: Mick Foley)
Dale Broughton defeats Demolition Davies
Singles Match
PJ Knight defeats Dean Allmark
Bellatrix World Title Match
Mercedes Martinez defeats Saraya Knight (c) - TITLE CHANGE !!!
NWA World Heavyweight Title Match
Nick Aldis (c) defeats Brad Slayer
Six Man Tag Team Match
Billy Gunn, Grant Holt & Rene Dupree defeat KOSS Industries (Charlie Winston, Kosta K & Malik)
19 Man Rumble Match
Destiny defeats ??? and ??? and ??? and ??? and ??? and ??? and ??? and ??? and ??? and Big F'n Joe and Hot Stuff and James Chilvers and Karl Kramer and Little Legs and Opie Jackson and Ox Mason and Paul Tyrell and Ruffneck

Edit: Lots of people you never hear about for the most part on the UK scene and then the fly-ins. Sure are a lot of Paige's family.

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Oh, it's Ricky Knight's fed, that explains a lot. Here is a regular show for comparison.

(19.05.2019) WAW Academy Show - Event @ Breckland Community Centre in Costessey, Norfolk, England, UK
Three Way: Alexander Young defeats PJ Knight and Villman
Brad Slayer defeats Keegan
Gauntlet: Karl Kramer defeats Dillon Slade and Eddie Taylor and Eli and Jordan and Opie Jackson and Ox Mason and Paddy Taggart and Sam Santari and Simon Haywood and Steven Willett and Sami
Two On One Handicap: Big J Johnson & Dale Broughton (w/Tomme Lee) defeat Marvel Marcus
Three Way Tag Team: Jason Digby & Mitchell Starr vs. Senior Citizens (Nemesis & Steve Quintain) vs. The Foji (Onkar Singh & Rishpal) - No Contest
Zak Knight defeats Jaiden Docwra
Imogen (w/Mr. Haywood) defeats Amy Lee Kramer
WAW British Heavyweight Title: Tony Knight (w/Big J Johnson & Tommy Lee) defeats Ricky Knight Jr. (c) - TITLE CHANGE !!!

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