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NJPW Iizuka retirment and Honor Rising 2019

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I seen some speculations that maybe their match will be street fight or some such nonsense. Not a fan of such matches, but it probably would be better than straight tag match.

Imagine GoD becoming double tag team champs, ugh.

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15 hours ago, crazypook said:

like Okada with that doofus gaping mouth face he does when he zones out during these 6-man tags


...he also does that a lot during singles matches too and I hate it

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3 hours ago, Raziel said:

Fuck, NJPW just got rid of a bunch of guys that get "creatively pouty" when asked to job, why go back to that well?

I'll be shocked if he is in BotSJ and by the end has better record better than 3-4.

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