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4 hours ago, The Great ML said:

"Dear God, you see, my name's Billy..."
</Push> on Sunday Night Heat.

Heat was totally the B show at the time.  Smackdown didn't officially start for months.

I feel like it was on this site a century ago but wasn't there some running gag on Velocity where Tazz and Josh Matthews shit on some jobber named "Pokerface" and every time another jobber would look terrible for weeks after they'd say "shades of Pokerface."

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18 minutes ago, Web Conn said:

Before I start posting shit is Velocity a B or a C show? cuz i remember it being kind of a big deal. 

It was the first few weeks. First show had Kurt Angle vs Bob Holly in a really good match. 

This might be my favorite WWF syndicated match. At the time the finish blew me away. 


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