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RIP Ray Sawyer (Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show)

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Reported as passing away on either 12/28 or 12/31 after a short illness. He was 81. 

The first rock star I ever met, they were the opening act for Boz Skaags back in 1973, my buddy and I could have given a shit about Boz, we went to see Dr. Hook! After their gig finished we went outside to smoke a bowl before heading home, we had just fired it up when this gravelly Southern drawl said 'What's that I smell?" We looked and damned if it wasn't Ray Sawyer! We had the honor of smoking a bowl with one of our heroes, we were so jazzed we didn't even do anything goofy like ask for an autograph, it just would have been too uncool and at age 16 you don't want to seem uncool in front of one of your idols... I do cherish the memory.

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