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I just got back from the All Japan 1/3 show.  Some rambling notes, spoilerized just in case:  


-It was fun to see Da Meltz, John Pollock, WH Park and <insert other slightly famous podcasters/wrestling journalists here> in attendance.  I didn't introduce myself because frankly, I am nobody.  Lots of pockets of foreigners but no goofballs.  Hooray for us.  

-Show was packed, just a few stray seats here and there.  The show wasn't the greatest All Japan event I've ever seen, but it was fun and seemed to breeze by.  

-Suwama was out of his match due to some reason (medical terminology in Japanese still fails me), replaced by KAI.  Hopefully it's nothing too serious.  

-A bit of a confusing card, as there were quite a lot of outsiders, but they appear to be folks they're investing in.  Rising Hayato was someone I've never heard of, but they seemed to be pushing something with him and Atsuki Aoyagi going forward, and I noticed he came out later for ring crew duty wearing an All Japan t-shirt, which is usually a sign he's on the team.  Promising young guy, already shows a ton of charisma.  It was really nice to see Ayato Yoshida on the card, and they teased something with Nomura.  I'm on board with that.  If Yoshida sticks around, he could move up the card quickly.  I'm really hoping 2020 sees more Fuminori Abe in All Japan.  He and Iwamoto really stand out.  Danny Jones was decent enough, and the mystery partner for Shigehiro Irie, Lucas Steele, didn't royally screw anything up.  I can see them liking his size and him doing basic power stuff.  Like myself, the crowd at least seemed to have an open mind.  

-I figured since Iwamoto lost yesterday, Susumu winning the junior title seemed to be the logical way to go.  I'm not super excited, but he's solid, something fresh, and a crafty veteran at this stage.  

-This was a one match card, though.  Redundant to say, Kento Miyahara is on a completely different level than anyone else.  End of story.  I will say now, at the start of 2020, that kudos should be given to Jake Lee and Naoya Nomura, who stepped up their game in a truly significant way to at least be deserving at eating at the same table as Kento, but in the end, no one can really touch him, and as such, I'm happy he won today.  Again, I now buy Jake Lee as legit, which I wouldn't have said at the end of 2018.  

-Match was great, not sure where I'd rank it among Miyahara's current run, as I think I generally prefer Miyahara vs. Nomura anyway.  It's absolutely worth your time, though. The crowd was truly in awe of Kento.  

-A nice surprise ending, as Yuma Aoyagi, Miyahara's second, nails him with a back suplex right after Miyahara finally stands up and throws down the gauntlet as next challenger.  This came off great.  Now it's Aoyagi's turn to step up.  Very well-played, All Japan.  Despite this chicanery, Miyahara eventually finds the mic and in his bewildered state, cuts a wild, hilarious promo and the crowd eats it up.  What a fucking star.  



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Also on 1.3 AJPW


ONE TITLE DEFENSE AWAY FROM TYING THE RECORD MOTHERFUCKER! And I see Aoyagi is volunteering to get shut down next.

Seriously, I think Miyahara might be the actual best wrestler on the planet and it's a shame we'll likely never see him with Okada, Ishii, Goto, Ibushi, Naito, etc. I don't want him to leave All Japan because All Japan is cool and desperatey needs him, but I'd love to see him in just one G1 or whatever.

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6 hours ago, Evil Otto said:

 I'm really hoping 2020 sees more Fuminori Abe in All Japan.  He and Iwamoto really stand out

I really enjoyed the sequence he had with KAGETORA (I think).

That quick dragon screw counter got an audible wow from me. Had not seen him before but really dug his stuff.

Thought the main was amazing. The back suplex nearfall blew the roof off. I liked it more than their last match. I'm sure being there made it better for me though.

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Having never watched an All Japan show in over 10 years, being at that show at Korakuen and the main event sold me and I cannot wait to get home and go down an All Japan rabbit hole. Kento is amazing, but on first impressions, Jake Lee really drew me in and I really want to see more of him. 

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On 1/3/2020 at 2:53 AM, Evil Otto said:

I just got back from the All Japan 1/3 show.  Some rambling notes, spoilerized just in case:  

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  Lots of pockets of foreigners but no goofballs.  Hooray for us.  




Lack of goofballs is proportional to lack of foreigners in Bullet Club/Elite gear in my observation this year. Other people have noted this too.

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22 hours ago, Ace said:

Tiger Hattori is retiring on 2/19. Manabu Nakanishi is retiring on 2/22.

Nakanishi retiring is a good thing. His movement was reaching NOAH-era Rusher Kimura levels in the last years. The guy must be a wreck physically and honestly should have retired when he had the spinal cord injury in 2011.

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Bummer to hear about RealHero/PuroresuDream, but his statement did turn me on to the fact that I missed the news that NicoNico opened up their NicoPro wrestling channel to international subs:


Anyone take the plunge on this yet? 6 bucks per month for a lot of the stuff that had been getting posted to RH/PD, though posted shows are only live for seven days and they don't have an English version of the site just yet.

It looks like Ice Ribbon has their own dedicated channel too, with a bit more things posted on an archival basis.

Now we just need Samurai TV to open up some sort of streaming of their broadcasts internationally and we'll be covered for everything in the Japan scene along with the promotions that have their own dedicated services (NJPW, AJPW, BJW, STARDOM, DDT, anyone else I'm missing there?)

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