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17 hours ago, Raziel said:

I get more convinced people that run shit have no idea how to actually run the shit they run.

I'm starting to believe everyone in these positions are modern day Christopher Columbus'.  Columbus was a fair to middling explorer, in a time with all time great, brilliant explorers.  The reason we remember Columbus isn't that he was better than any of the other explorers, it's that he was able to convince people to finance his explorations.  It is amazing how little talent some of these people have, but they're able to get people to pay their untalented asses, which is the talent.

I honestly don't understand why someone would want Deadspin, if they don't want it to be Deadspin.  These are people who are buying tigers, get bit and wonder what went wrong.  Nothing went wrong, you got bit by something that is specially made to bite.  If everything goes right, they bite someone else, but you have to understand that you are putting yourself in a position to be bit.  

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Has anyone found a site that has sort of scratched that old Deadspin itch? I realized that other than ESPN score notifications (not that I desperately need to know when the Knicks/Giants/Mets lose but whatever) I haven't  been following anything sports related.

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19 minutes ago, Dolfan in NYC said:

ESPN reporter Carley McCord was killed in a small plane crash as she was headed to today's LSU-Oklahoma game. 

She was 31

Terrible week for ESPN.  Foorball reporter Ed Aschoff passed away on 12/24 (his birthday) from pneumonia,  He was 34,

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15 hours ago, odessasteps said:

One of my friends said QT is on of the Ringer pods this week. Not sure if it’s with Simmons or the movie pod.

I don’t Like him that much.

It's a Rewatchables for Dunkirk.  Simmons isn't on it.  I thought it was pretty good, but I'm pretty much only interested in Quentin Tarantino talking about movies.  If he was talking about anything else, I'd have no interest.  Tarantino apparently picked 3 movies that he wanted to do, and they're running them back to back, which should be fun.  Dunkirk is a really random movie to do this kind of podcast about, because it is only a couple of years old, and it isn't exactly a popcorn movie.  I enjoyed it though.

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