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Apparently the Raiders have interviewed Mike Mayock to be GM.

They also wanted to interview Jerry Reese but he declined because he stated that he feels the position isn't really a GM job due to the power Jon Gruden has

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Things are going well in Jacksonville


The actions of Jaguars running backs Leonard Fournette and T.J. Yeldon did not sit well with Jacksonville executive vice president Tom Coughlin, who unloaded on the two after Sunday's loss to Houston.

Fournette, who was inactive because of a foot/ankle injury, and Yeldon sat on the bench throughout the game and appeared disinterested in anything that was happening. That prompted Coughlin to release an unsolicited statement after the game at NRG Stadium.

"I am disappointed in the behavior today from T.J. Yeldon and Leonard Fournette," Coughlin said. "They were disrespectful, selfish and their behavior was unbecoming that of a professional football player."

Yeldon, whose contract expires in March and is unlikely to return to Jacksonville, didn't play a snap against the Texans. Carlos Hyde and David Williams combined to carry the ball 12 times for 15 yards in the 20-3 loss.

The incident capped a tumultuous season for Fournette, who missed eight games this season because of injuries and disciplinary reasons. Fournette missed six full games and half of two others with a right hamstring injury in the first eight weeks of the season and was suspended without pay for the team's Dec. 2 game against Indianapolis after leaving the bench and getting into a fight the week before against Buffalo.

There was mounting frustration inside the organization about the length of Fournette's rehab from the hamstring injury, and that time away apparently impacted his conditioning. He looks heavier than when he reported for training camp, when he said he was down to 223 pounds -- his lowest weight since his sophomore season at LSU. During the Dec. 23 game against Miami, the CBS broadcast crew said Fournette, who reported at 240 pounds as a rookie in 2017, told them he was 233 pounds.

It's unusual for an NFL player to gain weight during the season, and Fournette was unable to do much, if any, conditioning during the time he was rehabbing his hamstring. Even so, it has been seven weeks since he returned to the lineup.

Fournette also was caught on video yelling at a fan in the stands during the team's embarrassing loss to Tennessee on Dec. 6. The video clip released on TMZ.com shows Fournette yelling that he was going to "beat your ass" at an unknown fan before two people walk up and escort Fournette away.

Fournette, whom the Jaguars drafted fourth overall in 2017, has rushed for 439 yards and five touchdowns and averaged just 3.3 yards per carry this season.

Yeldon was the Jaguars' main back while Fournette was injured and ran for 414 yards and one touchdown in 14 games this season. He also was the Jaguars' second-leading receiver with 55 catches for 487 yards and four touchdowns.


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Top 7 Picks Are Set

1) Arizona

2) San Fran

3) NYJ

4) Oakland

5) TB

6) NYG

7) Jacksonville

All the 6-10 ties ironically won't be determined until after the Sunday Night Game 

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11 hours ago, RIPPA said:

Right now - the Vegas money seems to be that a minimum Black Sunday into Monday will claim

  • Steve Wilks
  • Todd Bowles
  • Vance Joseph
  • Dirk Koetter

There clearly could be more but any of those 4 keeping their jobs would be surprising.


The game two weeks ago against the Browns solidified Vance Joseph being gone. You can't survive that.

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Florio said during the SNF halftime that people are "keeping an eye" on Minnesota.

I don't think that means Mike Zimmer is gone. It might mean that Rick Spielman is on the way out, but I'd still be surprised by that, too.

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According to the Twitters, the following teams can be ordered by the NFL to appear on Hard Knocks this coming offseason:

  • 49ers
  • Broncos
  • Cardinals
  • Dolphins
  • Giants
  • Lions
  • Raiders
  • Washington

You'd think the Raiders would damn near be a lock, given their current circumstances.

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Washington would be funny. Maybe they can subtitle it, "Hard Knocks, Brittle Fibulae". Open with a 10 minute segment of explaining why Kaep couldn't learn their offense, where every time they say his name, it's bleeped out. (Granted, the show is so conceptually uninteresting to me that this sort of shit would be the only way I'd watch)

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If the Browns are hiring Mike McCarthy - they are at least putting on a good show

The have requested to interview Brian Flores (Pats Linebacker Coach) which would fulfill their Rooney Rule requirement

They have also stated that they will interview Gregg Williams and Freddie Kitchens

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