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1001 MATCHES: Underrespresented


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I finally compiled a big file tracking who and how many times I picked wrestlers because of course I did. I am sure it is comically filled with mistakes especially when it came to remembering some dudes gimmicks. Putting that aside – all the guys I was picking here had only (to the best of my knowledge) only appeared in one match in the first 835 that showed up.

Please enjoy my descent into madness.


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Man, Devil/Chig & Han/Tamura is exactly the sort of stuff I think about when I think about actually watching wrestling again.

And then I flip through channels on my antenna, and I briefly catch the Goddamn Trampoline Act of Ring of Honor's tiny ring and bouncy-ass mats in front of 36 people, and I remember, "Oh right."

It really is too bad there isn't/wasn't more of early Devil.  She blew out her knee sometime in those days, but prior to that - and even after - she was great.  And she was also head trainer when the likes of Toyota & Hokuto decided to become wrestlers, so, hey, thanks for that.

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