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Shine On - Musicians RIP Thread

Dolfan in NYC

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Svika Pick, the Israeli king of pop who wrote Dana International’s Eurovision-winning hit “Diva” in 1998, died on Sunday. He was 72. According to Israeli media, he died at home, although no cause of death was given.

The musician, whose career spanned six decades, was also Quentin Tarantino’s father-in-law, following Tarantino’s marriage to Pick’s daughter Daniella in 2018.


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man, this Coolio news is hitting me harder than i would have expected. been listening to his music for the last 24 hours and have watched a ton of his stuff on youtube.

i saw him back in 2006 at some shitty danceclub that has since shut down. his portion of the concert was fun, but he was like 2 hours late and overall the night kinda sucked.

Rest in Paradise.

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An entire career full of bangers.  RIP

Also it sucks that Van Lear Rose doesn't seem to be streaming anywhere.

e: Forgot this one:


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