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On 12/5/2018 at 10:15 AM, Ryan said:

Been kicked there, no, not by women and not for any good reason. It's exactly like that. Asshole fellow student for no good reason when I was 8. Same guy is responsible for chipping one of my teeth and once stabbed me in the leg with a pencil in the middle of a Catechism class(I'm not Catholic). Teacher didn't notice or care. At least he legally has to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life, so I don't have to get my revenge on him in any way.

*pushes piece of pencil around inside thigh*

Everything works out how it should in the long run.

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1 hour ago, AxB said:

It's Giant Haystacks. Loch Ness from WCW.

Nope, pretty sure it's Gang. That looks way more like Florida than Stampede and I don't think Ness was ever that agile...

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2 hours ago, odessasteps said:

Gang from his Crusher Broomfield period likely. Florida makes sense as Gang was a face there. 

Fixed that for ya. Much like Anvil without the goatee, Gang with long hair just feel so wrong. His hair length as Akeem is about was acceptable, but not anything longer than that.

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A buddy and I spent our Friday night devouring pizza and watching wrestling highlights on this fantastic youtube channel. Time well spent. The top moves of Big Daddy V reminded us of how rad that guy could be.



Can't find a gif of his dope Japanese style spinning heel kick.

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