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Interesting questionnaire sent out today, some question highlights (all were questions about Raw):

Which of these statements best reflect how you watch each of the following types of segments on Raw?

Superstars speaking about upcoming PPV event matches

Video packages

Superstars speaking to each other while in the ring

Superstars addressing the WWE Universe while in the ring

Commentators speaking about upcoming segments

Contract signings

Celebrity guest appearances

Backstage interviews

Opening segment of show

Superstars interacting backstage

Closing segment of show

Previous episode recaps

Highlight moments from recent pay-per-view events

Recaps of events happening earlier in the show


Which of these statements best reflect how you watch each of the following types of matches on Raw?

Matches featuring cruiserweight Superstars

Tag team matches (Male Superstars)

Matches featuring new to the main roster Superstars

Matches with little to no stakes

Specialty matches

Singles matches (Male Superstars)

Matches unrelated to storylines

Tag team matches (Female Superstars)

Matches featuring Superstars I do not like

Main event match

Singles matches (Female Superstars)

Matches featuring undercard Superstars

Matches related to storylines

Championship matches


Sometimes Superstars match up multiple times with each other over the course of a storyline/rivalry. Does this enhance or detract from the storyline/rivalry?

Please select one response only.
Detracts from the storyline/rivalry
Neither enhances nor detracts from the storyline/rivalry


Enhances the storyline/rivalry
Are there any recent specific storylines on Raw that you felt should have been given more time to be told? If so, which storylines?
Please be as specific as possible.
Please indicate how much you enjoy or not enjoy following stories featuring these various types of characters.
Please select one response for each item.
  Enjoy very much Enjoy somewhat Enjoy just a little Do not really enjoy Don’t know
The Protector
The Antihero
The Lovable Rogue
The Rebel
The Innocent
The Wild Man/Woman
The Villain
The Inventor
The Detective
The Jester
The Explorer
The Outlaw
The Revolutionary
The Caregiver
The Lover
The Trickster
The Misfit
The Regular Guy/Gal
The Ruler
The Dimwit
The Hero




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7 hours ago, JonnyLaw said:

False: We’re finally going to get a Regal comeback and world title run against Bryan.

Stop making me feel bad that his body is so wrecked he can't wrestle again due to his neck.

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It's 5am and I'm bored - so I thought I would look at the top wrestling stories on Reddit for 2018. Because lets face it, it's 11 days until the new year and for all intents and purposes, nothing else of note will happen this year. Maybe this'll spark some discussion about things that have happened in the past year, or just to laugh at SquaredCircle and how WWE centric they are when it's supposed to be an all-encompassing wrestling sub. I won't be including things like memes, random pictures or one-off tweets from wrestlers, just straight up newsworthy events and news.


1. Daniel Bryan medically cleared
2. Roman Reigns' leukemia has returned
3. WrestleMania Women's Battle Royal name change
4. Vader passing away
5. Kane elected Mayor of Knox County, TN
6. Bruno Sammartino passes away
7. Renee Young joins the RAW announce team
8. Mark Henry retires
9. Dudley Boyz to be inducted into the Hall of Fame
10. Big Cass released

Some of these I honestly blanked on, like the outrage over the Moolah battle royal name. The next highest upvoted post after #3 if I didn't put limitations on the top 10 was a poster doing a deep dive into Moolah's background and why people were raging over it.

For all of that, though, I don't remember there being near as much outrage over the Saudi deal. You'd have to go 4 pages into the sub, sorted by Top (this year) to even find a mention of the Saudi stuff besides Titus' Rumble botch - and the post on page 4 is only about WWE showing an advertisement for Crown Jewel at the Evolution show. The next mention is a few posts down - an article from Kayfabe News, about "wrestling fans to boycott Crown Jewel show by shaking their heads disapprovingly at it". Which sums up Wreddit's thoughts pretty well, actually.

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Casey reminded me mentioning Saudi Arabia

From the newest WON


While not announced and probably they won’t be for as long as possible to keep the heat away, they right now have May and November dates booked for Saudi Arabia. The bonuses for talent from the last Saudi show just came in. Some are happy. Some are not


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So presumably the people who are happy are the ones who were on top, and the ones who are displeased were on the undercard. And the most high profile refusenik just won the World title, so anyone who was not wanting to go but feared repercussions will be emboldened next time.

Enjoy your one match show next year, boys. Trip's pec should be better by then.

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I'm assuming it's mostly or entirely a work, but the Becky-Rhonda social media stuff seems a little too salty compared to the usual WWE social media "feuds" (which usually are obviously works).  If there's no animosity between those two, they really have social media kayfabe down pat.

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