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NJPW Power Struggle 2018 Now with Super Junior Tag League Action

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17 minutes ago, FlaeBlazer said:

I actually think Okada’s winning at the Dome. It bet it will be the return of “the Rainmaker”.

Jay White has gotten the upper hand in nearly every situation, so I hope Okada is winning, and getting his hands on Gedo.

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There's plenty to criticize about NJPW this year, but it's overall more good than bad.  I wonder if some of the weirdness is due to cautiousness/hedging their bets about the Elite re-signing or leaving.

As much as it's annoying for Jericho to be 4 matches a year, he's over, and he added something to NJPW that was special this year.  I just hope it ends with Naito beating Jericho, Jericho offering his hand in respect, and Naito kicking him in the nuts.



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Finally got through this show today.

Jericho's a touch slower and not as quick as he used to be, but being able to work at the level he is and able to crisply land the Lionsault and Hurricaranas at 48 years old is infinitely impressive to me. He and EVIL didn't have a five-star match or anything, but it was definitely a good match and a solid main event. Jericho has definitely been a good star attraction for NJPW, but yeah he will have to put over Naito in the rematch. 

Loved Ishii vs. Suzuki just beating the hell out of each other. 

Jr. tag league final was fun. But since Roppongi 3K won this time, I want to see them get a more dominant run with the tag belts the next time they win them. Their past two runs with the titles were fairly short. 

The Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium really looks cool on TV. Venue definitely comes off well for these events. 

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On 11/3/2018 at 12:38 PM, Oyaji said:

Unsubscribed from World. Taichi deserves better. 

If I was booking NJPW, it would be Omega vs. Taichi at Wrestle Kingdom, and Taichi wins the belt. 

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