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On 8/10/2018 at 9:55 AM, Edwin said:

Homicide vs. Teddy Hart (JAPW Revolution 2/28/04) -- Their best match ever.

Here's what @Rev Ray and I had to say about that at the time.


RD: Teddy came out with perhaps the greatest pants ever. It was like he skinned an Ming vase or stole the wallpaper from a really nice Chinese restaurant. He had a matching jacket, but he lost it before he got to the end of the aisle. The ROH fans were riding him about the CM Punk incident on Wednesday. For a guy with a knee injury, he did like 4 moonsaults landing on his feet. This was pretty much an ass beating, I think I'm being generous if I said it 80% Homicide and 20% Teddy, but this was pretty enjoyable because I've seen enough Skinhead Ivan v. Tough Enough Pete matches to enjoy a one sided ass beating and this is what the crowd wanted to see. If it's a shoot or a work, Teddy has gotten people to mark out for seeing him get his ass kicked and he took an ass kicking in this. He did bust out a big moonsault to the floor which was really the turning point of the match as after doing the move, he started favoring his knee and Homicide went after it. They did a few spots with Teddy slapping Homicide and paying for it. They ended up brawling up into the stands by us and Homicide gave Teddy a piledriver on the bleachers. Unfortunately, I had a feeling what was coming next and unfortunately it came true as Homicide threw Teddy down the bleachers, the only problem was there were a lot of people in the bleachers and very close to the action and with the bleachers having railings in the middle, he had to be thrown to the side. I was worried because there was a kid who was on crutches sitting in front of me. Fortunately he got missed, but some lady in a few rows down wasn't so lucky and got landed on. She seemed dazed and was helped to the back, though walking under her own power. Let's review, brawling into bleachers, bad. The finish was Teddy knocking Homicide down and going for his twisting 450 which he missed. Homicide recovered and floored him with a lariat for the win. Post match, Homicide decides he's going to give Teddy the Cop Killa, but Jack Evans who had come to ringside springboard drop kicks Homicide in the back to save Teddy, but ends up eating the move himself. Homicide gets on the mic and lets Teddy know that the ass kicking was for his friend CM Punk. Teddy said Homicide was tough, but only beat him because he was at 50 percent and said he'd face him again. Homicide was upset about Evans saving Teddy and told him if he wanted to bring his crew, he'd be sorry if Homicide brought his crew. They set up a rematch for April, which I'm going to miss because I'll be in Vegas for a friend's wedding. The great part of this was Teddy calling us all mark assholes and then finishing with "God bless you!" I was really expecting Teddy to go over with a screw job win given how much of a beating he was taking, but the match had fantastic heat otherwise.

PP: Good lord. Not much of a match but as a spectacle this is one of the most amazing things I've seen live. Teddy comes out first in the greatest pants ever. Fuck those trunks he was selling on ebay... these pants were the real deal and the consensus in our group is that we would all pay that starting bid of $1000 for them. Homicide hits the ring next and we get a huge "KILL!" chant going. First part of the match has Teddy in control, punking out Homicide a bunch of times off rope breaks while Homicide makes with the "I want you to think you're winning" faces. Eventually he sends Homicide outside and hits a huge moonsault to the floor, but he "re-injures his knee" and Homicide starts going to town on him using one of the guardrails and someone's crutch, then slapping a sharpshooter on him using the ringpost. While this is happening, Fat Frank sidles up to Buck and intones something to the effect that this isn't in the script and Homicide's shooting. Sure Frank, whatever you say.  Before long they're wading up to us in the bleachers and Homicide drills for oil with Teddy's head via piledriver onto the steps. I missed this at the time since I'd turned away wincing from the piledriver (that's me on the Modtron clip in the hockey jersey), but Louie Ramos hands Homicide a can of beer which he chugs away in one of the funniest things I've seen. Homicide then tosses Teddy down the bleachers without any warning and wipes out about 5 people in the process, which was the probably the most monumentally stupid thing he could've done. If you're going to do something like that, yell out for people to move, count to 5 and THEN do it. They get back inside where Teddy somehow takes over on offense, drops Homicide and struggles up top where he goes for one of his twisting flippy-dos. He misses it and Homicide absolutely CRUSHES Teddy with a lariat for the pin. Postmatch they set up a rematch for April with Teddy promising to bring his "crew." Later I postulate to Ray that they're all going to look like Terence and Philip from South Park... BECAUSE THEY'RE CANADIAN! Again, as a match it wasn't any great shakes but as a one-sided bear mauling it's off the charts. I'm guessing Modtron sells a million copies of this tape based off the clips they put on the board.


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