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Here's a stream of Woods, Breeze, Ember Moon and Alexa Bliss watching Takeover while playing Fortnite.  The stream starts right when Richochet gets his teeth kicked in on his moonsault.  Pretty funny to see wrestlers reacting to the action:


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Perhaps the key things is that in what appears to be an attempt to take control or bring back kayfabe, Paul Levesque claimed that the finish of the main event, where Tommaso Ciampa beat Johnny Gargano in a last man standing match, was changed on the fly due to a knee injury to Gargano that he was getting checked this week.

It’s pretty clear that those involved were all told to say that, even though the finish looked like a planned finish and a couple of people have admitted the finish went as planned and Levesque is working an angle, and that will be clear with how everything will play out on television. They did the same thing last month with the Lars Sullivan broken jaw story after his match with Aleister Black.


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I'm probably a little biased but the tag was by far the best match on the show. Yes Seven was all over the place but that's his style. In what he lacks in athleticism he makes up for in storytelling and selling, something of which Bate lacks at times, but not here. Bate was almost Cesaro-esque in there and the ridiculously hot crowd pushed it over the top. It's a shame the crowd died due to EC3 being so boring. 

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On 8/23/2018 at 3:19 PM, ChesterCopperpot said:

Meltzer's ratings


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Tag Match - 4.5

Dream/EC3 - 2.75

Ricochet/Cole - 4.5

Sane-Baszler - 3.5

Gargano/Ciampa - 4.5


I'll have a go:


Tag match ****1/4. 

Ricochet/Cole ****1/2. 

Baszler/Sane ****1/4.

Ciampa/Gargano ****1/2.

Skipped Dream/EC3. 


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