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How I Met Your Mother Season 9

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Apparently, CBS wanted them to reshoot the pilot which had some flaws, but Bays and Thomas didn't want to reshoot without getting picked up.


I think they wanted them to recast it too.


Maybe they decided Gerwig was too "indie" or something?



CBS's new motto should be: if it's on our network and actually good, we got lucky.

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If I'm Bays and Thomas, I'd want to have as much creative license with this as possible.  Regardless of how you feel about HIMYM or the finale, the fact is it was a gigantic success for CBS.  You'd think that would earn the creators some leeway, but I guess not.

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Vulture had an article on this. Essentially:


-They wanted to recast two fairly major supporting role since they felt they lacked chemistry with Gerwig.

-They thought Gerwig was good, but that her character wasn't likeable enough. Per the story, she's going through a divorce when the pilot starts, and they didn't think she came off well at all.

-Them not owning it or being able to make money off of syndication was also a factor.


Is there anywhere you can see pilots that don't get picked up? I know a couple make their way to youtube or end up as TV movies, but it's hard to find most of them. I always wanted to check out the Beverly Hills Cop one.

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So I binge-watched the last 2-1/2 seasons over the last couple weeks and finally finished season 9 a couple days ago.

Some thoughts:

Didn't like the ending. REAAAAAAALY wish the show had ended when Ted said "and that's how I met your mother". But, no.

I LOVED that the daughter called Ted on his BS with the "That wasn't about our mother at all. It was about you being in love with Robin" (paraphrase). Sure, it turned into "gee, we'd love you to date Aunt Robin!" but at least he got called on it.

The last season was terrible. The rhyming episode was just brutally awful. The whole Marshall road trip was terrible. The wedding was too drawn-out and just...not enough funny stuff, I felt.

That said, I didn't think season 8 was all that great either. It was pretty good and had some great moments but...yeah. Felt to me like the show really struggled starting in season 7 and declined big-time in 8 and 9.

Is it just me or does the show hate women? They're either awful (Jeannette, Stella, etc), as un-stereotypically-female as possible (Lily and Robin) or they die after little screen time (Tracy). And they're ALL treated as disposable commodities throughout except Robin & Lily.

So, where did I end up on this show? I liked it overall. It has some really, really great moments but an awful lot of really terrible ones, too.

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Speak for yourselves, I still love the show.


Tabe is right though, the non-core women were treated very disposable.  I can understand the one off relationships being that way, but the ones that were around for awhile like Victoria and Zoey definitely got the "we're done using you on the show, despite how well received you are" treatment.

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