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For those of you that prefer some viewing options.

When you are on the Home Forum page (ie: deathvalleydriver.com/forum) aka the page you are at when you hit Home....

You will see three choices for display (right next to the "Start New Topic" button)

  • Table: The way the board looks now (and the default setting)
  • Grid: Shows the forums almost like cards (in a grid pattern) - just the forums and sub forums appear this way. The topics are still listed as normal
  • Fluid: Umm... click on that one, way easier to see than me explaining

Hopefully some of you will find a version you like.

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I like the fluid mode; it's basically a feed of every thread that's currently active, which is handy for someone like me who no longer cares about wrestling.Ā 

But yeah, you're going to rue the emojis.Ā 

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Let's get the most useful ones out of the way quickly. Oni, Tengu, you know, LL&P, Peace, Pride, Sleep...zzzzz............


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51 minutes ago, offspring515 said:

Iā€™m on mobile and having an issue of photos being enormous now. Related to this change?

No - its a problem for everyone. Combo of old board stuff and our host company being irritating

Talked about in the other thread (The one with MAY in the title)

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17 minutes ago, Betsy Zeidler said:

Am I misremembering, or did there used to be three sub forums in the movies section?

There were - I eliminated the movie club one since that died over a year ago.

Any posted that were in that sub forum are now just in the regular movie folder

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