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C+A May!!

Phil Schneider

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We are going to be doing a new match from one of our Complete and Accurate lists every day for the month of May, if there are any matches you want us to review from these guys let us know!!


Shinobu Kandori

Dick Togo

Masaji Aoyagi

Yoshiaki Fujiwara

Black Terry




Dixie and Izzy

Jerry Lawler

William Regal

Cain Justice

El Mesias

Shinya Hashimoto

Matt Riddle

Super Dragon

Jose Lothario

And Our Mini C+A's

Dan Severn NWA Title Defenses

Psicosis vs. Rey Mysterio

El Hijo Del Santo vs. Negro Casas

2002 Zero One

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Here's a bunch I could think of that y'all haven't touched:

vs. Gary Goodridge from INOKI BOM-BA-YE 2000

w/ Homicide & B-Boy vs. Teddy, Generico & Steen from JAPW
vs. Generico from JAPW
vs. Teddy vs. Homicide vs. Necro from JAPW

vs. James Drake from EVOLVE 100
vs. Shane Strickland from the last MLW show although I'm sure that won't be your cup of tea even though Riddle is pretty awesome in it.

Super Dragon:
vs. Rising Son 2/3 falls match from RPW
vs. TARO lucha de apuestas from RPW

Not sure if the Hashimoto is up online anywhere, but it's quite the great spectacle imo.

The JAPW matches are up on JAPW On Demand and are worth watching as they are as sleazy JAPW as possible and the Homicide and Teddy interactions are golden in those.

The Riddle vs. Strickland is up on YouTube.

The Super Dragon matches are available on the Highspots Network on the comp. they have up for him.

Honestly, seeing how great and untouched a lot of JAPW is, y'all should really do a C+A JAPW. 

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Missing Masashi Aoyagi (god bless the multiple spellings of his name)

Masashi Aoyagi vs. Hiroshi Itakura (Rounds) (Seishinkaikan 1/15/1994) 

Masashi Aoyagi vs. Yoshiaki Fujiwara (WDF 8/9/1997) (Two birds, One Stone)

Takashi Sugiura, Suwa, Masaji Aoyagi VS Tsuyoshi Kikuchi, Mitsuo Momota, & Katsuhiko Nakajima

Atsushi Onita, Fake Onita, & Sambo Asako vs Masaji Aoyagi, Shooter #1, Kasuji Ueda (Onita Pro - June 1999)

Part One: Part Two

Masashi Aoyagi vs Tsuyoshi Kikuchi (NOAH - 10/5/03)

masao orihara VS masashi aoyagi (WAR 9/15/92)

There as also two matches vs. Ryuma Go. One of them is unwatchable VQ. Here is the other


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vs Xavier (Ladder match, ICW, 6/30/2001)

vs Bill Dundee (no DQ, Southern Title vs Dundee's Hair & His Wife's Hair, Memphis, 12/31/85)

vs Akira Hokuto (DS1, 4/2/93; AJW 12/6/93)
w/Hokuto vs Bull Nakano/Aja Kong (AJW, 3/27/94)

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16 hours ago, EricR said:

I'm also - similar to last year's Berzerker C&A - going to do another C&A for a guy who had a relatively short WWF term. 

God that was awesome and had me watching Berzerker matches for a few days.

I vote for something absurd, like Max Moon

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In a year where we've gotten an Andre vs Bockwinkel match, a whole bunch of AJPW and NJPW handhelds, and a few things people hadn't seen much of out of PR, this is up there with the early Andre-in-France as the most exciting unearthed "find" of the year for me so far. People should check it out.

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On 4/30/2018 at 12:07 PM, Brian Fowler said:

God that was awesome and had me watching Berzerker matches for a few days.

I vote for something absurd, like Max Moon

I love hearing people say that I got them to watch Berzerker matches! I had so much fun with that, and still have a couple more of his AJPW and all of his WCW matches left to do. The new one might not be AS fun as the Berzerker one, but it's someone who doesn't get written about a ton. Matt up above may have figured it out...

It is not Max Moon. Or Damien Demento. Or Chris Walker. 

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On 5/2/2018 at 11:16 AM, Phil Schneider said:

We opened up with a review of an awesome recently unearthed Santo/Bestia Salvaje vs. Super Astro/Negro Casas match from CMLL Japan



TBH I haven't been watching a lot of wrestling recently. I don't know what's wrong with me, I've been meaning to start back on Portland and just haven't been motivated. This... THIS... makes me want to start back again. This match could have been on the '80s Lucha set and made top five. It could be on ANY set and made the teens or twenties probably. To anyone who doesn't like or never got into lucha, watch this. You got a Japanese crowd gamely playing along in their own way, the stiffest and meanest strikes you might ever see from these fellows (the Super Astro slap to the ear that makes Santito not want to get back in the match is fantastic, then Santito levels up by stomping heads) and how it winds up with the tag rules -- single partner elimination to two-on-one -- is perfect. You also get the super underrated Bestia Salvaje just laying it in on guys in a match where you think he's the weakest link. Watch this fuckin' match. 

I will also go to bat for Super Astro to be rated as one of the best luchadors ever, period. Oh, and that opening hold exchange between Casas and Santo? Mwah!

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