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IMPACT Redemption PPV (04/21/18)

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Something was up with the top left turnbuckle cause at least three dudes stumbled on highspots from that corner. Aside from that and a couple of matches I skipped (I have no interest in Dreamer in 2018 or Callihan ever), it was a decent PPV. Drake and Aries were the MVPs of the night for me. Both guys hit spots I never thought they could so props to them (although it did look like Aries destroyed Penta's ribs with his 450).

Very interested to see where they go with Pentagon as champ. Is he signed with them? Wait, was Aries even signed with them?

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Pluto Machine … I came in as Kiara Hogan made her entrance for her match against Taya Valkyrie. Match was good. If I had a criticism it’s that the match was more of a device to get Tessa Blanchard over, who was on commentary than it was to the two women n the ring over. They must have split screened the commentary table and the action in the ring 3 times maybe 4. Match was more about Tessa arguing with Josh Matthews and Don Callus agreeing with her Every word then anything else. 

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