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New iPhone battery life feature

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My iPhone 6 updated today and, part of the update, Appie added a feature on battery life.  New feature says my battery is significantly degraded, but also says max capacity is at 76% (of new capacity, I guess?) and is functioning at peak performance capacity.  I'm not sure what "peak performance capacity" means, but I think it means the throttling feature is turned off.  The notes for the update indicate that the "throttling' feature that slows performance to save the battery from crashing was turned off by the update and will be turned back on after the phone shuts down unexpectedly.

How bad is 76%.  Meh or.... really terrible?  I don't have a frame of reference for that.  I do notice some differences in performance and speed this morning, but nothing dramatic.  Around the time Apple started doing this, my phone did crash and had to be taken to the store because I couldn't get it to reboot or charge (they pressed a few buttons and did a hard reboot).  

Kinda wondering if I should go either buy a new battery or upgrade the phone at lunchtime.  I've been considering upgrading the phone for a while, but there's usually been some other expense that takes priority.  At this point, I'd kinda like to wait to upgrade the phone till fall of the holidays.  Assume a new model may be out in the fall.

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Considering the performance issues on older iPhones with newer iOS versions, if you have the funds to do it, you'll get far more bang out of a phone upgrade.

I have an iPhone 6S Plus and even though it says it's at peak performance with 100% battery, this thing is barely getting through a full work day.  Once I find a decent Bluetooth voice headset I'll be upgrading to an X.

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