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V you are good and I've voted for you twice, XIX you are good too and I've voted for you once. When I compare the two of you however I will side with XIX. Hardy/Rey, Lesnar/Angle, Rock/Austin all good stuff, Hogan/McMahon is better than it had any right to be and even though it's overrated HBK/Jericho is still fine, plus Jericho kicking Michaels in the balls afterwards always gets a pop from me. Sorry V you gave us the Megapowers exploding, a great 5 minute match between Perfect and the Blue Blazer, Demolition beating up Mr Fuji and the PoP and Rude and Warrior having a fun match where Warrior ran out of steam and couldn't kick out from a suplex reversal, a good clean win by Rude. I love you both.

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I've been watching the entirety of V lately and I adore it so much.  It was basically late 80s WWF in a nutshell and I love it a ton.  Unfortunately it's up against XIX and I can't vote against them, at least not this round.

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