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Pitting the two WrestleMania's with the two classic Taker/Michaels matches.

Things I remember from XXV: The aforementioned Taker/HBK match (the better of the two), a memorable return to the ring by Ricky Steamboat and a horrible Trips vs. Orton main event.

XXVI: The aformentioned Taker/Michaels match, two good world title matches though the result of one was the wrong call with Batista dropping the WWE Championship to John Cena. Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon was horrible, went on too long. Just needed to be a short fight.

Do you go for the show with the best match or more consistent? Went with XXVI.

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Though I prefer the XXV Taker/HBK match, I think the card of XXVI holds up a bit more. Triple H/Sheamus was a pretty good brawl, it was awesome seeing Bret Hart finally get his handsĀ on Vince and Punk/Rey was pretty good too

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As someone who doesn't like either Taker/Michaels match - I am happy they ended up against each other.

Now to get rid of 26 next round

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