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TICKLED MY FANCY: February 2018


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Between it being the shortest month, being behind on NXT and 205 Live and watching more crappy wrestling in a month than I really want, this is a smaller slate of matches. Of course – if I am honest, most months will look closer to this as (hopefully) more people pay for my pain.


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Man, I am really missing Awesome Kong on my TV. Is there any reason specifically she hasn't returned to WWE? I can't see her being blackballed for her tenure ending due to a personal tragedy in today's landscape. I'm sure that GLOW gig is cushy but I was really surprised they didn't get her for the MYC or the Rumble. Gail too, for that matter. I know Gail retired but hopefully Awesome Kong can get on with a TV promotion soon. I kinda remember her having a back injury in TNA but I cant remember how severe or long ago it was

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I listened to her interview with Maron. It seemed like she never felt the same about wrestling after she lost her child. For a few years she said she'd basically just sit home and take enough bookings to support herself, but she was on autopilot. Going back to TNA sort of pulled her out of it, but without delving into it she inferred she left for the reasons a lot of other talent have. Shortly after that she got the GLOW role, and she acknowledged that she'd always hoped wrestling was a stepping stone to acting. As far as WWE, I'd guess the situation with her leaving was so sensitive that they wouldn't approach her do anything. Maybe with the show's success they will or already are reaching out to her. 

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