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Media: ESPN Plus Service formally Announced

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You know all that stuff you've been watching for free on ESPN3/WatchESPN? It's going to a pay service (4.99 a month). But, I'm definitely going to be paying for it, as a lot of the foreign/niche sports that I watch will be on it.

Instead, the ESPN Plus service comes with what Iger called a "greatly expanded array of programs" and live sports that aren't currently available on TV. He mentioned baseball, soccer, hockey, boxing, golf, rugby and cricket as examples.

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ESPN+, ESPN Insider and the Magazine are all merging. If they don't raise the prices a great deal (for me at least) became a fantastic deal...


We have great news! ESPN Insider is merging with ESPN+. 

What does this mean?
ESPN+ is the new multi-sport, video streaming service from ESPN. In the next few weeks, Insider content will be integrated into ESPN+. So, you'll continue to receive the same Insider coverage you're used to, plus live sports and exclusive originals--all at no extra cost! 

What you can look forward to:
Live sports: Stream thousands of live events including Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, Major League Soccer, Serie A international soccer, Top Rank Boxing and more!
ESPN Originals: Get on-demand access to ESPN originals, exclusive studio shows like The Fantasy Show, and the entire library of 30 for 30 documentaries.
Limited ads: ESPN+ subscribers get fewer ads across all ESPN digital products (ESPN.com, ESPN app).
Connectivity: Stream on the go or at home, on your smartphone, tablet, computer, and supported connected living room devices.
What you'll continue to enjoy: 
Insider's premium content from experts like Mel Kiper, Todd McShay, Keith Law and others!
Tools to get an edge in your fantasy sports leagues, and Tournament Challenge brackets.
Continued delivery of ESPN The Magazine as a part of your subscription.
Your subscription will automatically become ESPN+ in the next few weeks and you will be renewed at next billing as an ESPN+ subscriber. See ESPN+ Subscriber Agreement for full details.

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