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New year, New Japan: NEW YEAR DASH 2018


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Going to see if I can make it through this one. Fuck yeah Kitamura trial series! I don't want to see Tanahashi getting tortured by Suzuki right now. It'll be too god damn much.

Seems like they're going for a possible EVIL/Naito combustion with match placement. Maybe I'm reading too much into it.

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I hope SZKG get murdered here by Liger & co. Not like 'beaten', as in actually murdered.

just remembered a thing from WK12, the way that it definitely should have been Elgin at the front and War Machine out back, instead Elgin stuck at the back looking like someone at a wedding who may have once felt up the bride at a party.

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Cheeseburger had an unannounced match at the ROH Soaring Eagle Cup in October, and this one guy literally lost his mind running up through our section high fiving everyone and screaming about Cheeseburger

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