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Three Colors Trilogy is awesome along with Double Life of Veronique, which might be my favorite of Kieslowski's.

I'm almost tempted to bite on the Flash Sale, because I haven't bought a Criterion release in years. I used to crush those sales, and got a point where I had almost everything I wanted. Then I started to branch out to other companies to round out the collection, a man cannot live on Criterions alone, I suppose.


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Oh man. Awakenings of the Beast is an absolute mindfuck, one of the craziest films ever. I think I rented The Strange World of Coffin Joe too? It's been a long time. Embodiment of Evil was basically a modern version of the first two Coffin Joes IIRC, so just really disgusting. It took me forever to find it and I can't remember if I watched the whole thing either; it was snagged off Soulseek I think. 

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Just thought about this: Joe Dante's Trailers from Hell site has a subsection called Cinesavant that reviews new DVD/BluRay/4K releases in case you're looking for current updates with some words about the features. Glenn Erickson does the majority of reviews and he's an old editor who's been around forever, so has some interesting stories and perspectives. There's a lot of genre stuff that gets reviewed. https://trailersfromhell.com/Author/dvd-savant/

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So for the first time I now have a catalogue of all my movies that I can search through.

This week I discovered Tellico which is a collector's app that pulls metadata from online databases. It can be used for different mediums - books, music, comics and movies. And it's free. Adding movies was so easy and you can generate reports from the metadata you collect from The Movie Database or IMDB. So now I can see a bar graph that tells me what year has produced the most films in collection.

My Top 5 Years of Production in my Collection

5. 1967

4. 1986

3. 1974

2. 1972

1. 1989

Which was kind of surprising. According to my bar graph I have a lot of late 60's early 70's, but dip between 75 and 1983. Then I peak again for the mid 80's and early 90's, before dipping again around 1995 until 2003.

That's kinda funny that both lulls start in the middle of the decade and last the same amount of time. I don't know what it means, but it's fascinating to look at.

Some of the other data is skewed by box sets. For example:

My Top 5 Actors are..

5. Lon Chaney Jr. (11 movies)

4. Sonny Chiba (13)

3. Meiko Kaji (13)

2. Takashi Shimura (14)

1. Shintaro Katsu. (26)

Lon Chaney would be a result of the Universal Monsters set. Sonny Chiba and Meiko Kaji are legit favorites of mine and I look for their work. I also try to collect a lot of Japanese cinema  in general which is why Takashi Shimura is there. That guy is in so many great films. And Shintaro Katsu is a result of the Zatoichi Criterion Box Set.

Anyway, thought I'd share some of this stuff. Having it catalogued let's me really visualize my collection so that's not just a mass on the wall.

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Shame they couldn't get Visitor Q.  I'd like to think that this means it will come out from another label soon.

Meanwhile March Criterion releases are out.  Only thing really catching my eye is To Die For.

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