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Ghost in the Shell which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Never had much attachment to the anime, always found it rather boring when I saw it in my younger days, but I liked it.  I think Scarlett Johansson probably doens't get enough attention for her complete willingness to do some weirder stuff: this one; 'Lucy'; 'Her' and 'Under the Skin'.  I mean she could have simply coasted along doing Avengers and rom-coms and made a decent salary, so it's kinda cool that she's willing to go "Action movie based on an anime about robots with human brains?!  Sure, why not?!"

A Ghost Story which is kind of impossible to explain but also kind of impossible to forget.  Not sure I've seen a film in a longtime with such confidence in its singular vision.  Like, A LOT of people are going to turn it off after the first 10 minutes or so and complain to their friend about it.  Another huge amount are going to watch most/all of it and shout "What the hell?!" are their TV.  And then one narrow amount of people are going to see it and love it.  I gotta respect that.  Amazingly beautiful cinematography in this one.

Colossal which was another film that had a pretty amazing sense of what it wanted to be and didn't really shortchange itself in the gran scheme of things.  I'm not really going to talk about the plot because if you've managed to avoid it, so far (As I mostly had) then you're much better going in completely blind and being taken wherever the director wants to take you.  My only gripe is that

the villain, such as it is, kind of turns on a dime really quick from likable guy to hateable monster really quick.

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The Holy Mountain came in from Amazon today (I have relaxed my utter hatred and brutal grudge with them as regards DVDs. I will still never buy another piece of music from them ever again though). Since it came in I decided to skip going out to see Henry in the theater. That would have been great just to hear and see the reactions from the crowd but the bummer would have been pretty intense. So instead there's Jodo and golden turds and other insanity for the night

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Finally saw Rio Bravo (1959)... holyshit, why did it take me this long to finally see this? Had fantastic characters who I all adored. What surprised the heck out of me was how it felt so ahead of its time. It was aware of itself yet didn't break the 4th wall.

Now onto El Dorado (1966 ) and Rio Lobo (1970).

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10 minutes ago, Dolfan in NYC said:

Watched Gerald's Game on Netflix last night.  First of all, it's very good and you should all see it. 

Second of all, I've been wincing looking at my hand all morning. 

Was about to post this in the Horror thread. 

Yes, it is really good.

Yes, It is really hard to watch.

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4 minutes ago, Curt McGirt said:

Hey, weren't WE doing that sometime soon? HMMMMMMMMM?!

Anyway, the man has impeccable taste, even if it starts off really top-loaded with Universal horrors (and NOTLD being so low is blasphemy)

It's a chronological listing, fella.

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