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Raw is John Cena Is Good At His Job - 8/28/2017

Dolfan in NYC

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17 hours ago, Nice Guy Eddie said:

Roman can come out of this not looking like a giant pussy if he just says fuck it and gets himself DQ'ed for destroying Cena with a chair like Austin destroying the Rock at WM17. 

Then, Roman will finally get cheered for looking like the bad ass of The Shield instead of the Samoan John Cena Vince wanted.

Why wait till No Mercy? Just do it on RAW next week. Have Cena begin to cut another promo and have Roman destroy him from behind with a chair repeatedly, drag his carcass up to the announce table and powerbomb him through it, then have the low card guys come up to stop Reigns but he beats them away, Cena still drags himself to the stage where Reigns spears him off the stage. Angle comes out and Reigns pie faces him maybe another powerbomb which brings Nikki out to stop the brutality.

End result Cena's out so he can film his movie, Nikki is out so she can do DWTS and Roman has a reason to not be on TV for awhile as his excessive violence and attack on Angle warrant a suspension. Also you can save Cena/Reigns for later and not have it overshadow Brock killing Strowman

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Cena's shoot promos suck, save for the Rock one. I knew it was scripted when he accused roman of being the very thing that HE is. It came off fake as fuck, because there were a lot of things Roman could've said to counter that bullshit. I mean hell... didn't Dave just report that Cena had/has a hand in stopping Corbin's push?

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Sasha Banks is the best women’s wrestler in WWE.

Charlotte Flair, Bayley, Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax all had their best matches with Sasha Banks.

Sasha Banks is a 4 time WWE RAW Women’s Champion, her fourth reign ending to Alexa Bliss on this week’s RAW.

Sasha Banks has never sucessfully defended the title. Banks’ first and third reign is tied for her longest, 27 days. Banks’ last reign is the shortest in the title’s history at 8 days.

Baffling booking/treatment of the Legit Boss. Bah.

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Caught the hulu version of Raw earlier today.

Sasha/Alexa was damn good and has me convinced Alexa might be starting to become a truly good wrestler. Alexa winning was dumb and did absolute jack shit for both, but I did enjoy Nia pulling a Batista on her.

That Cena/Reigns promo was ridiculous however much scripted it was. Feels like they pretty much have to have either given up on Reigns or are giving up on Reigns as a Cena level face. The only way this can be redeemed is if it ends with Reigns destroying Cena like he did HHH and the League of Nations.

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