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51 minutes ago, DreamBroken said:

I thought the Asuka match in Osaka was her best. But then I haven't liked any of the bayley matches and enjoyed all Sasha/Nia matches.

Honestly, I felt that the Asuka-Nia matches were very clunky.  Bayley had the right formula to make Nia look like a worldbeater but still come out ahead at the end.  It felt like a real fight from underneath.

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6 hours ago, caley said:

I don't see ho she's any less likable than Nattie (Cheap shots and braggy); Carmella (Obnoxious and braggy); Emma (constantly losing and whines about it); Alexa Biss (Whines and is cowardly); Lana (loses constantly and uses her looks to get high-profile matches she doesn't deserve).  Tamina is the SD version of Jax, intimidating woman who frowns a lot.  Not sure how that makes her the least likable woman wrestler?!

Jason Jordan just walked out on Raw because his dad's on the show with Smackdown getting nothing in return.  I'm sure Harper/Rowan could cross over as they're on SD so irregularly that no one would really notice.

Re: Sasha - I'll fully admit that I don't "get" her character. I don't know what she's the boss of exactly. The others (minus Lana) actually look like wrestlers. Sasha is about 100 pounds soaking wet and is injury prone. The points you made about Nattie,  Carmella, Emma, and Alexa are all valid, but I think that they help their characters. I didn't know a thing about Alexa when she debuted, but she eventually won me over by being a consistently competent wrestler. Sasha's matches have really done nothing for me, and I think she really soured on me during the whole feud with Charlotte. Back and forth booking may be partially to blame as well, but I just don't care for her.


As far as Harper/Rowan, I meant more of a logistical standpoint, ie if they were to be traded for two other wrestlers, or another shakeup up, etc.

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22 hours ago, Peck said:

Obviously low on the totem pole of news today(and fairly irrelevant as well) but has anyone mentioned a reason why there was no Jojo tonight?

Apparently JoJo's sister died and that is why she wasn't on RAW

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31 minutes ago, The Green Meanie said:

Wikipedia (for what it's worth) says she's 114. That's not well over.

I don't know exactly how accurate it is but 14 lbs for a woman who by my estimation seeing her in person is about 5'4" is a big difference especially when it's mostly muscle. She's not frail if that's what you mean.  But I'll agree to disagree with it, you aren't a fan and that's fine.

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Anyone who is thinking the Jordan thing isn't working isn't seeing the long game. You know, the one that's so obvious Booker talked about it the whole match.

He's going to be a heel. They're trying to do a Rocky Maivia type situation but on purpose. 

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3 minutes ago, Horton Hears a Wooo!!! said:

You're going to be able to hear a pin drop in that arena when he does finally turn heel.  

At least, we'll be able to say Jordan is consistent. FWIW, I really liked American Alpha and wish things went better for them on SD. I remember that pop they got when it was announced they were picked by SD in the draft. Unfortunately for them, Heath Slater & Rhyno caught fire and WWE would have been dumb not to put the titles on them.

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