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So, during the Nak vs Jinder match I was wondering how many World title matches in WWE featured two non-Americans, especially on PPV. 

The obvious one is Owen vs Bret at SummerSlam '94 but I can't think of any off the top of my head until tonight. 

Foreign WWE champions in modern age: 

1) Sheiky baby

2) Andre

3) Bret

4) Jericho

5) Edge

6) Sheamus

7) ADR

8) Jinder

World Champions

9) Khali

10) Christian 


11) Finn

12) KO

I guess Edge and Jericho had a 'mania match. Did Christian and ADR? So, yeah, just kind of an anomaly that title matches featuring two non-Americans (especially one not from North America) is reasonably rare. 

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14 hours ago, Brian Fowler said:

Christian/ADR had a fucking great SummerSlam match overshadowed by Cena/Bryan and Brock/Punk

Christian also beat ADR at Extreme Rules to win the vacant title.

Sheamus had to have had a title shot against ADR or Edge at some point.

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Does Roman do a lot of the charity/pr stuff for the company?  I know Cena does, and I think Miz and Titus do too.  Roman was on SportsCenter yesterday morning, and I took one look a him and went "Nope, this guy will never replace Cena."  He just struck me as out of place.  

Here's a pic:


Is it just me or does he look sorta awkward in that shirt and sports coat?  I'm almost certain the wife wouldn't let me out of the house dressed like that.  Titus and Miz almost always look dapper in public appearances, and Cena generally looks comfortable and smooth on talk shows and what not.  Roman looks like his mom couldn't find anything good in her son's closet and just did the best she could picking out an outfit for him.

It's not really a huge deal.  I think Roman's become pretty good as an in-ring guy and he cuts a decent promo.  He just doesn't have the "it" factor and the crowd connection that an ace needs to have.  I'm not really a hater and I was all for strapping the rocket to Roman's back when the Shield broke up, but Roman's had several years to prove he's the guy and... still waitint.

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Roman always looks like a dork to me. Nothing looks dopier than his hulk up look before he OOOHWAAHs. And then when he talks he sounds totally unnatural. It doesn't help when he makes all these proclamations and then loses to Joe, loses to Strowman, and loses to Lesnar.

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That's an odd choice for Roman. I've seen him suits before and he usually looks pretty sharp. Whatever he's wearing there looks like a toned down version of something Russell Westbrook would wear to a post-game press conference.

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The ginormous pic TMZ used of McCarver is... not flattering.  Makes him look like a cross between a roided up freak of nature and a bad photoshop.  There have to be pics out there that make him look like a human being,

Here's the pic (spoilered for size.




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