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Gif Gauntlet - Day 14  

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    • Great Sasuke

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Like BP, I laughed way too hard at the Sasuke gif. Sometimes I think that I've grown up enough to not find funny people hurting themselves outside of Jackass (basically, anything Barstool Sports puts on twitter), but every now and then I'm proven wrong. I think it's more that he pays zero attention to the fact that he has no one to catch him.

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If only poor Sasuke looked back.  I could only imagine what he thought when he realized he was gonna have a bad time.  And why the big oaf didn't stand there to catch him is beyond me, seems like a big fuckup on his part.

But despite that I'm laughing way too hard at it so it gets my vote.

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lol there's something also about the ref head tracking Sasuke crashing to his doom. Ref looks at the hoss, Sasuke starts the asai moonsault, ref immediately turns his head to watch Sasuke go up and then down.

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