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AJPW Tommy Dreamer vs. Akira Taue

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- I watched Akira Taue vs Tommy Dreamer (PHIIIILLLLL!) in All Japan and YEP! I can see why Dreamer isn't gonna threaten anybody for the Triple Crown any time soon, in that he was squashed in four minutes by the then-lethargic Taue. Dreamer looked as uncomfortable in All Japan as Akira Taue would look in the ring with El Hijo del Santo so I don't wanna come down too hard on our boy Tommy. I then watched Dreamer's match with Funk against Raven and Cactus Jack in ECW and- c'mon gals and guys!- Tommy was born to be a garbage wrestler. He was brilliant in that match! Funk and Cactus did their usual world class brawling and Raven did the touching halo of barbed wire Tribute to Matsunaga. From a wrestling standpoint, Dreamer is Onita-like in the feigning of technical wrestling but you can tell he is really into the violent end of it. I'm just glad that Tommy Dreamer has found a niche that he finds rewarding and that he realized his lot in life before did something really stupid, like wallow in midcard status in the big two in Japan and The US of A for the rest of his career. The world can use an American Masato Tanaka, but, hey, one Tom Zenk was enough (God bless him). We're looking at a new worldwide trend of better wrestlers getting mixed up in the garbage leagues and,hell, I'm all for it. Garbage wrestling isn't going to go away so they might as well try and make it into something cool (as opposed to just sick); if you stick enough talented and semi-talented guys into it, an actual, credible style may come out of it. If that ever reaches fruition, then FMW and ECW won't be so apologetic to the normal organizations when it comes to defending the more excessive aspects of their matches and can say it works on its own terms. I don't see people coming down on Lucha Libre because three guys sometimes pin one guy at one time. It works in the realm of Lucha Libre so to hell with everybody else; it works on its own terms, it doesn't matter if anybody thinks it's wrong, that's the style and that's that. It's a staple of the style. If these talented young punks in ECW and FMW work out a credible style over a period of time, they can have the same privilege and it won't be compared to regular pro style. It will be its own style and have its own rules. It has to get past the point of being chumps who can't actually wrestle so they hit each other with chairs; It has to reach the point where it is wrestlers who decide to expand the repertiore at there disposal to include violent elements outside the normal pro style, but use them in addition to, as opposed to "as in place of", wrestling skill. FMW is reaching that point with its young guys, why shouldn't the US have its own vanguard, with Dreamer at the point.

Dean - DVDVR #5

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