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Try RedBubble. I found a person last year on it, and snagged great repros of the Jadoh/Gedoh "Fuck You" and Onita "Thunder Fire Powerbomb" shirts. 


Here you go, chicos... 



They're quality shirts, so no worry. Look good and fit well. I bought smalls and they were true. So, no boxcuts. At least, when I got them at the time. 

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I didn't see much of Mr. Pogo, but was familiar with him.  I believe he was in FMW for a time and remember seeing him once or twice on the DVDs they sold in stores.  He was a crazy one and fun to watch.  I didn't see him all out on those with the sickle or fire, but oddly enough knew he used it due to Fire Pro.  If somebody was being a cheap bastard in the game I would have Pogo destroy the fool with his sickle and fireball while in some kind of deathmatch.  Oddly enough because they captured him well I became more familiar with him doing that.  But seeing the deathmatches they're still really gruesome and made for fun viewing.  RIP, Mr. Pogo.

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