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UFC Fight Night 110: Lewis vs. Hunt (6/10/2017) - Auckland, New Zealand (Spark Arena)

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17 minutes ago, Craig H said:

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. If that's his last fight, then I'll miss the big guy. That sucks, but I get his reasoning.

I will miss him too especially for the post fight promos. But man, I never thought Derrick Lewis would be the dude hitting flying switch kicks.

However, tonight kinda shows some of the physical limitations. He can take a hell of a punch and tough as shit. Plus, he has big power. However, if you're so dependent upon exploding with every combo at his size, you're going to get tired quickly. In addition, he has no qualms about being against the cage. If he wasn't tough as hell, Hunt would have beat him early in the fight. If that's happening frequently in his physical prime, I can't imagine how bad that would be when he gets even older. JDS can at least try to circle out every now and then. Lewis just moves further back with his hands down. Based on those weaknesses, this is his ceiling (middle of the pack in the top 10) because those are so easy to exploit. If this is it, I'm glad he was able to make a very solid run. He was prototypical of several heavyweights from years ago from the regional KOTC/Gladiator Challenge/MFC that only really had power. Most of those guys were made obsolete eight or nine years ago. However, he managed to improve along the way and be an entertaining fighter in and out of the cage.

IMO Hunt had a hell of a performance and made adjustments once Lewis started to wear down. He was active throwing elbows and punches to the body to make Derrick tired. He also landed throw sharp low kicks to cut down his mobility. Also, he kept good distance away from Lewis so he wouldn't be on the business end of some of the exploding combinations. I'm surprised he walked through about three powerful uppercuts. I would like to see Hunt vs. Ngannou next because that would be Ngannou's toughest test to date.

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