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Rippa hates Flashpoints on Mercury.

This week's flashpoint is on Mars and I hate Flashpoints on Mars.  Once you're done with all of the PEs and stuff, you spend hours consolidating and clearing the fucking resonance stems out of your inventory.

The one saving grace is that I will use this opportunity to loiter around EPs and see if I can luck out and get the IKELOS SMG for my Collections since this is a lottery week and the new Hotfix allows for weapon drops from the boss. 

No more need for Decryption Keys if you're after a specific weapon.

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I have been "lucky" in PvP that I don't get a ton of quitters or AFKs - it is just the usually suck

HOWEVER - strikes are another story.

Like yesterday - me and another dude two manned The Arms Dealer because the third dude never moved (nor did he get booted for inactivity)

I was quite irritated at the end when the stat screen came up and it was zeros across the board for him but the fucker still got credit for a completion.

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Oh, and I got my first Slayer (Kill 5 Players Rapidly) medal while finishing up the Void Kills block of the Elemental Damage stage of the Chaperone quest yesterday in that Supremacy match where I did exceptionally well (26 Kills / 2.17 ER/ 86% Secure Rate) despite the loss.

RIP, my two game win streak.  :(

I started the match off with a Get 5 Void Final Blows bounty that had no progress and noticed that I completed it after going apeshit on a bunch of campers with Spectral Blades.

When the Slayer medal popped up, it dawned on me that I'd nearly wiped the entire enemy team with one Super run.  I knew the final blow credit for the bounty came from the Super because up to that point, I didn't have any Grenade Kills to my name and my Energy and Power weapons were both Arc based (Vestian Dynasty & Play Of The Game).

Unfortunately, I may have to put the Chaperone quest on the back burner for the IB this week. 

I will most likely play as a Gunslinger (Way of 1000 Cuts) to exploit the Blade Barrage flash kill super, but my highest LL Energy Weapon is my Arc damage Vestian Dynasty sidearm (which I will wear for the LL bump) and my highest LL Power Weapon is my Void damage Bad Omens rocket launcher.

In order to maintain a high LL, I'll have to use weapons with different elemental properties than my sub-class.

I'll pretty much be using my Bygones pulse rifle in the IB to continue getting PR headshots for the Redrix's Broadsword quest and will grab Heavy as often as my greedy teammates will allow me to. I'm at 75% complete for PR precision final blows.

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8 hours ago, RIPPA said:

I am trying to decide if I am starting to see a trend in Gambit or not

I have run into this a lot over the last few days but basically one team purposely waits till the other team spawns the PE THEN drops at least two Large Blockers. Their invasion portal is up so one guy constantly invading so it is utter chaos on the team "leading"

Then they trigger their own PE just pick it off in relative peace. (Usually because the "leading" team can't organize enough to send an invader back across to stall)

I mean it is a little dicey as it doesn't always work but I definitely lost my last two Gambit matches due to this strategy. (Now both were super close - in fact we lost one round that I swear was more a tie since our PE died before I got the notice that the other side won)

I have definitely lost a Gambit match or two after having my team in the lead due to well timed invasions. Blockers I find to mean jack and shit after the PE drops. Its really only the Taken Wizards that give you trouble. If my team finishes those bastards off in time the other team has a tendency to be fucked even if they were leading beforehand.

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11 hours ago, RIPPA said:

Them fucking with the font size in the update is weird

Yeah I hate the scrolling board.  It hides what modifiers are up when I am doing Heroic Adventures, Heroic Strikes, and Nightfalls.

I am a bit overwhelmed with TWO events going on at the same time at Reset.

  • I did the first Festival of the Lost mission.  Nothing hard, but Holiday's emotional recap of the past few seasons hit me in the feels.   I still have to do the second one in the Infinite Forest.
  • I decided that the Challenge I would complete for Tess's mission of completing a Challenge while wearing a Festival mask was the Flashpoint.  I did this because I was smart.  I was not dumb like the people that decided to go into the Banner wearing their Festival masks and lowering their light by fifteen to twenty points.
  • I went 6-3 in the IB matches I played last night.  I started off really slow and then got hot for four matches straight.  Then I got dropped in the 11th hour of two matches (one win and one loss) but I did not die, so I have bloated ERs of 10.0 and 8.0 for those matches.  Then I put up 30 murders in a loss because half of our team decided to bail and the three of us that were left did not get any back-up.  No surprise, but I completed the PR Headshot stage of the Redrix quest in that match and now I am on the 50 Elemental Kills for Arc / Solar / Void part.   I'll knock out the Arc kills first since that is the last Element I have to work on to progress to the next stage of the Chaperone quest.  I've put a decent dent in all of my IB bounties except for *surprise* Orb of Light generation.  The good thing about grinding the IB is that match completions also go towards your Weekly Crucible Challenge.  Two birds / One stone.
  • I farmed Ghost Fragments for a bit after the IB so that I could pick up the Tier 3 bounties for the Irxis Partisan, the Ghaul Devotee, and the Saturn Survivor and I kacked them all before leaving for work this morning,  Those were the outstanding targets I needed to put down to finish the Free Roam triumphs for the EDZ and Io.  I'll try to get to the Blood Cleaver tonight.
  • Gambit was more losses than wins.  My eyes are still on the prize of getting to Legend status and resetting my Infamy as quickly as I can.  The talk of new DLC is freaking me out, so I have to get my Infamy to roll over at least once and my Valor another three times this season to complete various triumphs and to get Redrix's Broadsword done in the allotted window of opportunity.  I still have one more Gambit match to complete for the Weekly challenge.
  • I had over 4K Bright Dust, so I bought the two new Exoctic weapon ornaments that Tess had on sale this week.  The Iridescent ornament for Crimson looks much better than the Silver Bullet one and it's nowhere near as gaudy. I am also digging the Cleans Up Good ornament for DARCI.
  • Yeah, I'm not putting any witch or jack o' lantern holograms on my Ghost.  I'm damn sure not changing his skin so that he looks like an eyeball or a floating black cat... er... I may equip one of the stupid holos on and buy a dumb Festival Ghost Shell  just to show some holiday spirit when I am doing Haunted Forest stuff.
  • Between Spider's Wanted List (got the Triumph for completing his bounties this morning), Clan bounties, Everquest bounties, and PvE / PvP bounties, I think I completed Ikora;s Bounty Challenge in record time.  There is so much to do this week and I know I won't have much time this weekend to get game shit done.  
  • Weekly Strike Challenge is done.  I'm trying to wait until the Panoptes adventure is in the Daily Heroic queue so that I can knock out the triumph for completing the last Osiris story mission on Heroic and get the Weekly Challenge for Daily Heroics done at the same time. 
  • As usual, I probably won't deal with the Nightfall or Dreaming City shit until later on in the week, but by then I should be high enough Light to maybe make a 100K Score run at the Nightfall.
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Yeah - all I got done was the first mission of the Festival of the Lost and I did one Crucible match with my mask on to knock out the bounty for Tess

Shaxx really hates calling for the mercy rule. At one point my team was winning by like 70 points and he didn't call it. I think we won by almost 100.

But yeah - one plain Crucible match is WAY quicker than doing Flashpoint so you weren't that smart.

I did grab a lot of bounties last night that I will do this morning before the reset.

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15 hours ago, Eivion said:

I have definitely lost a Gambit match or two after having my team in the lead due to well timed invasions. Blockers I find to mean jack and shit after the PE drops. Its really only the Taken Wizards that give you trouble. If my team finishes those bastards off in time the other team has a tendency to be fucked even if they were leading beforehand.

That's why you have to set a tone by invading early. 

Send in your dude with his Sleeper and have him wreck shop once or twice.  Send a strong message by costing them thirty or so motes ever time he goes in.

That way when the other team has his PE up and your ace invades, the players on the other side will be more likely to hide than fight.  Fucking Pavlov, man.  Condition them to chose discretion over confrontation.

Even if your invader doesn't get any kills, he's ticking precious seconds off of the clock EVERY TIME HE INVADES and preventing them from damaging their Prime Evil, and that gives your team time to rally.

Like I've said before, the Invader's job is to be as big of a douchebag as he can.  Gambit is the only game mode where having a quality griefer on your side is a good thing

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18 minutes ago, RIPPA said:

But yeah - one plain Crucible match is WAY quicker than doing Flashpoint so you weren't that smart.

Yes I was, because I care about getting victories because the win streak will buff me during the Double Valor period.. :)

I fucking mowed down masked players on the other team in my first win last night because I was like 80 points higher in Light and in the next match, my squad mercied one group that had three mask wearers on the other side.

Furthermore, I'll probably be done with 99% of my IB bounties as early as tonight.  I'll chip away at the Orbs bounty at my leisure and focus on Festival and Dreaming City stuff as well as finish getting my 5K XP for the Clan Banner.

Flashpoint on Mars while wearing a fucking Rahool mask was time consuming, but I did manage to beat a Wave 7 of EP with some randos.  No SMG though, just shaders.  I'll take a couple more shots at the IKELOS SMG before the weekend, but I'm not going to loose sleep over it.

I didn't realize that Ana only gives Rasputin Key Fragments away for completing Nightfalls and Heroic Mars story mission now.  I was wondering why I wasn't getting any Key Fragments for Heroic Strike completions.  I thought it was glitched.

That knowledge gives me some incentive to do more Heroic Mars story missions this week for the triumph and to prep another Cache Key.

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10 minutes ago, RIPPA said:

As I said - I won a match by almost 100 points with almost all of us wearing Rahool masks.


I'd love to be up against a team like yours.  I'd finally get a We Ran Out Of Medals medal or even an Annihilation if you were all kind enough to stand in one clump when I had my Super up.

The squad you were up against must've been made up of low light retards.  I always get sweaty stacked teams of internet mercs as my opposition.

I only had half a fireteam in one match last night and I still put up 30 murders against low lighters.  We may have suffered a defeat, but there are some clan dudes nursing some scars this morning.

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15 minutes ago, RIPPA said:

I do enjoy how sweaty you are 

I need wins to buff my Valor so that I can get it to roll over FOUR MORE FUCKING TIMES THIS SEASON.

I just want to get this Redrix's Broadsword bullshit done so I can finally say I saw a crazy ass Bungie uber meta quest all the way through to the end.

Yes, I realize that makes me more of a stubborn, grindy idiot than it does a man of purpose and conviction.

Also, I have ridiculous amounts of OCD so TRIUMPHS AND MEDALS AND SHIT~!

The absolute worst thing Bungie could've done was to allow me to gloat over my Crucible medals once more.  My spirit soared when that Slayer medal registered.

My lifetime Crucible ER is back up to 1.61.  Positive K/D is one of the things that make me happy.  I don't take the shits, I just disturb them.

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The portal for this week's Ascendant Challenge is located in Aphelion's Rest in The Stand.

It's the Oroborea challenge from Week 1 so @RIPPA here is your big chance to get some Sword Knight kills in for your Purification Ritual.

If you want to two-man this, we can make one run for SK kills and then make another to complete the Challenge.  No biggie since we can now buy Tinctures and don't have to grind PEs for them.  I always have a shit ton of Baryon Boughs to burn.

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I will be here. I have to catch up on IB so I will probably do it during the day and save Dreaming City for tonight.

I am amused the first weapon mastery I got was Pulse Rifle (this is mainly due to STILL working on that damn quest step)

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So, the new rumor about Black Armory makes me happy.  If it is true, then we'll see the return of SKELETON KEYS~!

Those were the items that would (allegedly) increase the % chance of drop rates for ultra rare loot.  They were instituted in Rise of Iron, but I wasn't around for that this.  I heard that they were the stuff of nightmare fuel when they were introduced, but it looks like Bungie took their heads out of their asses and retinkered the concept into something decent this time around.

Those will come in handy for Nightfalls and of course it is another currency sink that will help get Legendary Shards and hoarded materials out of the player economy.  Word is that Xur will sell them, so that will get more people hunting for the Merchant of the Nine since these days, most people don't even bother looking for him if he has bullshit in his Santa sack.

I can check my Destiny 2 app on the way home and tell whether or not I will concern myself with hunting around the system for his punk ass.  

"Aeon Swift is the Hunter item and Crimson is the Weapon of the Week?  Not today, buddy..."

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Bungie hates Hunter players.

It just dawned on me that the One Eyed Mask exotic helmet for Titans not only functions like the Foetracer, but it also gives you a fucking Overshield when you kill your intended target.


That is bullshit.  And Titan players have the nerve to complain about the Oathkeepers and the Shards of Galinor.....

well they may have a point about Oathkeepers and the Gwisin Vest since only Hunters have Exotic armor items that directly buff Combat Bow use and both of the exotic Combat Bows are almost game breaking.

I was on a Crucible team with a Hunter running Arcstrider who had the fucking Trinity Ghoul AND had on his Oathkeepers  His Defeat Count was obscene.  He had like 42 murders and a 20.00 ER.  That is some We Ran Out Of Medals Min / Max shit right there.

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10 minutes ago, RIPPA said:

Took a couple more cracks at Wave 7 of an EP.

Still no luck. Granted you can get much further with less people now but yeah - more was needed for 7

I got to Wave 6 with two other 570's yesterday.  We were not mighty enough to put down the Wave 7 boss.

If you can put down the Keen in Wave 2, you have a free ride to at least Wave 6 if everyone keeps feeding Supers.

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Yeah - the hardest part (not counting 7) was actually Wave 5 and that was just because a couple of people bailed but we had a few others join in as we mopped up

I noticed that a lot of folks didn't understand the mechanics of Wave 7 so I am wondering how many of them are only starting to see it for the first time now as they are more powered

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45 minutes ago, RIPPA said:

I noticed that a lot of folks didn't understand the mechanics of Wave 7 so I am wondering how many of them are only starting to see it for the first time now as they are more powered

That is probably the correct conclusion.

It took us two tries to get past the Wave 7 boss because I was the only person trying to stop the Cursed Thrall waves from healing him. 

I try to chalk it up to lack of experience, but the EP bosses still have the defeat mechanics similar to the ones from the Crota raid or the various endgame stuff from the Dreadnaught so how do these people not know these things?

I guess it is wrong for me to assume that most of these people have D1 experience.

I also don't think people realize how many rotating EP bosses there actually are. 

I should be home by 4PM.  If you are on and want to do Dreaming City grindage, I'm in.  Otherwise I am going to crank out some Gambit and IB stuff while knocking out a couple more clan bounties.

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11 minutes ago, RIPPA said:

Definitely jinxed myself

First two IB matches I played - had quitters on my side

That's not a jinx in my case.  That is normal.

Being on a properly functioning team is the exception to the rule..

I always seem to be the sweatiest guy on a team full of 'tards.

I am always frightened when I am leading the kill count.  I like to win and I do my best and I enjoy playing Crucible, but I am not a hardcore PvPer.


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