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2 hours ago, Horton Hears a Wooo!!! said:


That clown from "It" looks a lot less scary now that he's gotten old.

It's the bandana he's sporting that lessens the fear factor.

Oh wait, that's not who you meant? Umm, well...hey look, there's David Dye from NPR's World Café on the left.

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14 minutes ago, Technico Support said:

I don't know what's funnier, Darsow covering his tattoo with paint (he'd later just cover it with an elbow pad) or his facepaint that makes him look like he's wearing a mask with blackface under it.  Lucha Al Jolson, if ya weel.

I think its looking like a wrestling mask but with paint. As 87 goes on the paint evolves, some of it looks like auxiliary Kiss members.


I actually like the mask look. 


And for comparisons sake. The Morton Downey candy cane look that Ax makes work.

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That is why I love them, they did their own thing. Which is why it was successful and made them the duo with the longest tag team title reign. 

Its funny that Ax could probably kick the piss out of both roadies.

RF: Were you worried about working with LOD?

AX; What were they going to do, beat me up? 

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27 minutes ago, nofuture said:

I thought they were trying to do some cross promotion with the CHiPs movie

They should have brought in Erik Estrada. When I had more money to waste, I bought the ESTRADA sunglasses. I still have them in a dresser somewhere.

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