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Official THIRD Round Results

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AJ Styles over Naito: 77-18

Revival over Chris Hero: 51-47

Miz over Hardys: 67-41

#DIY over Roman Reigns: 64-35

Kevin Owens over Jack Gallagher: 55-41

Kenny Omega over Okada: 52-27

Matt Riddle over Dragon Lee: 41-25

Meiko Satomura over Drew Galloway: 50-19

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The Quarterfinal matchups (which I will put up after my 1 pm Meeting) are:

AJ vs. KO

Kenny Omega vs. Miz

Meiko Satomura vs. #DIY

Matt Riddle vs. Revival

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No, yeah, so, I'm pretty sure I can still come behind. I mean I put Tino Sabbatelli in my final four but whatever, right? No one else had the Bollywood Boyz making it to the finals?

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