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Dolfan in NYC

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Russev playing a farmer while still doing his Bulgarian accent is incredible :lol:  Meanwhile Lana who is an American playing a Russian on RAW is now playing a southern girl

As expected Tex Ferguson is the star of this with his Freddy Blassie and Greg Valentine references

I was hoping they would mention that there is no leap year in 1987 and god bless them for doing

I really hope that isn't going to be a 4 episode show given the title of the last one.

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Luke Gallows: “Southpaw Regional Wrestling is a concept of this … basically 1980s southern regional wrestling promotion or territory, and it’s a lot of stuff that the guys have been doing for years backstage to entertain each other. I know my character in particular has been an ongoing thing for the better part of a decade.
It was really us getting to kind of take the gloves off and use our… comedic style, if there is one. You’ll get the chance to judge for yourself, but you’ll see a lot of people step outside of the realm of what you’ve seen them do, character-wise, and as in-ring performers as a part of WWE. So it’s kind of a chance for everybody to let their hair down. I didn’t get to because I don’t have any, but everybody else. And we had a blast doing it, man. That thing drops tomorrow. I just watched the teaser myself, I was trying to get them to shoot me a link but they won’t do it.”


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1 hour ago, Red is Dead said:

Who was the ref from episode 1? that, and the sea creature are all i have left to figure out.

Ref was John Cone. The Sea Creature is theorized to be Cesaro.


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It is also on the WWE site but that site is such a mess to navigate then Youtube. 

I thought Cesaro was Chett.   EDIT:  Okay looking at the picture of episode 4 on youtube it was Fandango.  Man he fooled me

Who is the luchador supposed to be?

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I really kind of wish we had the Sea Creature either do the Purple Haze or House of Gulleen Teijo Khan rise out of the water.

Is Chad Too Badd doing the Buzz Sawyer wheezy laugh?

I also love that Rusev sort of comes off as the host of Big Shot for Bounty Hunters from Cowboy Bebop "SHUCKS HOWDY!"

Here's the remaining eps:


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"My creature from the sea. I call it the Sea Creature" that is a truly inspired bit of monologue. I would like to see Raw replaced with a full Southpaw show for at least one week. I bet some of the guys could get more over than they are now.

Also if the Hardys get the whole broken issue worked out I want them to travel back in time to win the Southpaw tag team championship

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3 minutes ago, Raziel403 said:

The only ones I can't figure out is John Johnson and I think the Luchador is either Cesaro or Harper.

I think Johnson is TJ Perkins.  I heard people theorizing one was Cesaro, but the luchador name is "The Big Beard" which makes me think it could be Harper.

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So the cast of characters so far:


Tex Ferguson - Luke Gallows
Chad 2 Badd - Karl Anderson
Lance Catamaran - John Cena
Chet Chetterfield - Fandango
John Johnson - TJ Perkins
Clint Bobski - Chris Jericho
Chip Henderson - John Cone?
Ric Flair Paid Impersonator - Not Ric Flair because they can't afford him
Impressive Pelvis Wesley - Heath Slater
Big Bartholomew - Rusev
Surf Dudes With Attitudes - The Ascension
Mr. Mackleroy - Tyler Breeze
La Barba Grande - ???  Possibly Harper?
Christian Joy - Lana
The Sea Creature - ????

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