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Takeover: Orlando

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On 4/5/2017 at 6:47 AM, Matt D said:

I just love how surreal the Sanity match is on paper if we go back a year.

"So on the babyface side, we'll have Tye, Chris Hero, Roderick Strong, and Heidi Lovelace. And on the other side we have Eric Young and the new League of Nations, with a German guy, Big Damo, and Nikki Glenncross,"

I kind of want to do that right now. 

"Yup, so next April we're going to have KENTA, Sami Callihan, Homicide, and (insert female here) and on the heel side is James Storm and..."

So, you're saying that NXT is WAR?

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I watched Takeover with my niece, who is 20. Her response to Roderick Strong?


"Is he supposed to be like Michael Scott?"

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