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I definitely have in mind that I'm gonna focus on an AEW roster so I'll start with that and branch out from there.  Getting edits with included moves hopefully won't be as painful as it was for PS4.  From what I heard if anything it's a lot easier so that's good.  I also saw that Carlzilla has some modpacks but they're for various promotions I never heard of.

As for custom arenas and everything I know in the past I saw people post screens for AEW stuff so now the fun part is tracking all that down.  Unfortunately there's no site that has a directory of everything available that I've seen yet.

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1 hour ago, NikoBaltimore said:

I also saw that Carlzilla has some modpacks but they're for various promotions I never heard of.

All fictional creations. Unfortunately that seems to be the case for people using the easy mod installation trick. So yeah, you gotta open tabs up for all the craft pieces then install the edit. Just make sure you have the game open and install them through the mod window so you don't get duplicates. 

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So for my birthday next week, my  nephew told me he is going to build me a PC that I can use for school and maybe some gaming. According to the specs he gave me it should be able to run Fire Pro no problem. So I have questions:

1) Can I set it up so I can use a controller? I hate playing games using a keyboard and mouse.

2) What are some "must have" mods as far as new game modes, stuff that's been modified, etc?

3) Other than Avenger and DMNT who I am already familiar with, who are some other "must have" creators? Whose stuff works best together? As an example I know some of LarryXDavid's stuff on PS4 didn't always mesh too well with Avenger's or Miguel_Francisca's.

4) Can I download entire packs of guys at a time or am I stuck doing it one at a time?

5) Is there a mod organizer tool I can use that will handle putting things into the proper load order for me?

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I am getting back into Fire Pro starting from scratch (this is take, hmmm, 15?). So I've been going through the '90s AJPW roster. A number of editors are uploading edits that are roughly in the dnmt style. I've been adjusting those that aren't so they at least have the parameters and rough CPU logic to go w/. Massively time consuming but when you get those 20-30 minute matches with two wrestlers working as the real deals do, it's beautiful and worth it imo.

AFAIK dnmt is LarryXDavid. I don't know how much time or patience you have, but Avenger really is prolific even if I prefer the dnmt logic. So I would recommend checking off "enable workshop editing" in the modpack 2.0 window and loading up Avenger edits and making changes to parameters and logic. Otherwise, I'd just stick to Avenger edits and maybe add crafted moves and parts crafts to his edits. Then you can save the edit to a new slot and unsubscribe, so should Avenger make updates your changes aren't lost. You don't need to move them from retired to edit them this way either. Not a great answer, I know. More and more people are creating edits with parts and move crafts in the dnmt mold, though many are still using Avenger's edits as bases. I haven't really tried combining them to see how badly they play together, but you mentioned they don't which sucks. Is it mostly just the parameters that create the poor meshing of dnmt and avenger edits? Or is it more CPU logic? Cuz parameters don't take long to mess with. 

Nobody has done entire packs of edits yet sadly. Though Captain Howdy has some neat nostalgia collections you can mass subscribe to. They even have some modeled after action figures. 

McMichael and MDKANE have some really well done moves that aren't necessarily finishers or fancy stuff. The chain wrestling guide below also gets you to install Zin5ki's moves and he's got a bunch of beauties. Here are some other good move makers, but there really are too many to list.

The modpack discord has all of Carlizilla's mods but when you go to install them, you'll just check off what you want. Sadly, there's little in the way of documentation and people in the discord channel will often be dismissive, ignore people asking questions, or surly. So, the scene is not that accepting of newbies sadly but if you're polite and patient you may get some help. If you have questions, I can try to help best I can. I'd recommend most of Carl's mods though some don't play well together (and he makes note of that in the installer). Extended move list is essential. You can basically add many moves to each slot, edit when they happen with logic similar to the game. So, for instance I have my Kawada edit always go for the normal folding powerbomb once before his "soulful" leaning one. There are also some incredible conditions you can set as well. You can have certain moves pulled off against specific opponents, styles of wrestlers, after they've exhausted other moves in their slot, their/their opponent's health, so many different things. I like using the "number of times used" gimmick in the extended move list then setting something like the corner clean break move at 99/99/99 logic and whatever else you want after that at 1/1/1. Then set the clean break to only happen once per match and the edit will go for it once, and if the logic is set up well it'll be early in the match, then after that they'll use whatever else you've got in there. Just make sure you have a move with at least 1 Logic frequency otherwise the game will freeze as the wrestler doesn't have anything to hit if you put it at 100 and they've reached maximum uses. You can also link priorities to each move within a slot, so if you want one thing to pin all the time you can, but you can change that for other moves in the slot or have them do something entirely different. Each move has a "can finish a match" checkbox, so if you don't want your edits winning with stuff they shouldn't you can check that off (just make sure you click on the move first then uncheck). I like unchecking a move but if it's a stronger move or a false finish having a priority slot to pin after so you can get more 2.9 counts. Extended move list is incredible and the best of the best. The crown jewel of the modpack imo.

The chain wrestling mod is really fucking great and I'm just starting to dabble. It took me about 15-20 minutes to follow dnmt's guide on it but it's so cool to see wrestlers go from hold to hold early on in a match (and yeah, you can omit wrestlers that shouldn't be chaining). 

View's recovery taunt mod adds a lot of flavour to matches. It's on the main modpack discord under View's mods channel. You can have Flair flop, Misawa adjust his tight, or masked wrestlers adjust their masks. 

I've also been using the 4th appearance slots for entrance gear. The alternate attires mod (both this and the extended move list are built right into the game, which is great. They bring up pop up menus in the mod window but you access them from in the edit menu) is nice. You can assign an appearance slot for entrances, delay entrances in smaller arenas (you have to use the entrance craft for bigger arenas with stages... will likely do that later), and adjust music for each slot you save. So you could have the same edit come out with two diff themes. 

I check off stuff like refs don't bleed, headbutts can cause bleeding, lots of little options in the main modpack window. Some really neat stuff in there.

Love the custom bmg music, so i've been rocking old n64 aki music for in-game and their menu music and my favourite wrestler themes and wrestling show themes for the menu music. Can't listen to the default song anymore, man. Got a lil cheeky and threw in stuff like the GoldenEye pause music

Got a little carried away and forgot to answer the last question. There is an organizer function within Carl's mod where you can organize by edit points or move them around quicker than in game.

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among all the move creators you just listed I'd also like to give a shout out to  irbou, who's impeccable work makes it possible to have Actually Good Looking Shoot Wrestling in Fire Pro. For some reason the board wont let me embed a link right now, so here's a link to his workshop page. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198001863177/myworkshopfiles/?appid=564230

Also, FYI, if your number of downloaded moves starts hovering near 3500 (you laugh but it's easier to get up there than you think), it could corrupt your save, so be sure to prune aggressively.

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