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Keith Lee over Trent Seven: 32-23

Young Bucks over New Day: 39-33

Sasha Banks over Becky Lynch: 43-40

Rush over Trevor Lee: 28-23

Gran Metalik over Black Terry: 32-17

Braun Strowman over Dean Ambrose: 57-25

Bobby Roode over Tye Dillinger: 40-34

Johnny Mundo over Zack Gibson: 35-16

Rusev over Joe Coffey: 64-2

KUSHIDA over Kenta Miyahara: 32-11

Ultimo Guerrero over Puma: 28-15

Jeff Cobb over Cody Rhodes: 51-11

Drew Galloway over Tommy End: 38-20

Bayley over Kyle O'Reilly: 52-19

Timothy Thatcher over Mike Bailey: 22-16

Hechicero over Shingo Takagi: 30-9


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3 hours ago, RIPPA said:

If folks wanna just get a sense of why I am done... look at the total number of votes

Honest question, are there too few or too many votes? I've been lurking since high school, and a member for 3 years, but I refrain from voting every year because I know I'm nowhere near as knowledgeable as a lot of folks here. There are legitimately people on this list that I have never even heard of, and I don't want to taint the results just because I've seen Gran Metallik's WWE stuff and I'm pretty sure Black Terry is the guy who used to sell my ex-girlfriend weed in college

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I think it's the low turnout for anyone who isn't in WWE, LU, or NJPW.  The vote tally for Thatcher/Bailey in particular is shameful.

The whole point of Rippa posting videos (and one could argue, the whole tournament) is so people can familiarize themselves with guys they haven't seen much of.  But at least in the play-in round, it appears everybody just elected to skip the guys they didn't know.

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Just my two cents, but maybe the format change had an unintended negative affect on turnout.  By discussing the matchups first before voting opened we got our initial points across, and unless somebody had something else to discuss the topic was largely forgotten about.  Especially for a topic like Thatcher/Bailey.  I don't recall in past years there being a low turnout when voting and discussion happened the same day.

EDIT:  Wait, looking at the topics now does this mean the tournament's over?  I really hope not as I think it would be cool to see it through.

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I guess you missed the post in the other thread where I said 1st round will go up today and run till Tuesday

Also - the format change had nothing to do with turnout.

Look back at previous years and it is the same thing. Wait till I post the 1st Round. People will literally vote within 2 minutes of the poll opening


Rough estimates

Two WWE people: 70-80 votes (used to be in 100s but that is a different issue)

Known New Japan worker or Top Indy Guy: 50ish votes

One WWE guy vs. "unknown" guy: 50+ but heavily skewed

Two "unknowns": 40 votes max


People wanna complain that they hate the WWE but they sure don't wanna do the work to watch anything else

I am not running an all-WWE tournament

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Because now I am cranking.

I posted this list year around the start of the 2nd Round. My exact quote was "Everything over 100 votes had something in common"

Match Votes
Dolph/Sami 137
Rollins/Emma 131
Omega/Corbin 123
Jericho/PJr 115
Cena/Sombra 109
Neville/Becky 109
Breeze/Nak 108
Jun/Cesaro 108
Gargano/Breeze 105
Star/Reigns 104
Fenix/KO 104
Asuka/Casas 100
Hech/Brock 98
Miz/Ishii 98
Rey Jr/Drago 98
Strong/Hech 97
Ibushi/Revival 97
Bailey/AJ 96
Asuka/Kush 96
Sheamus/Lee 94
Castle/Shibata 93
SamiC/Okada 93
Rave/Fenix 91
Kodaka/Miz 91
Kong/Biff 90
AA/Sekimoto 88
Ciampa/Ec3 88
Biff/Honma 87
Swagger/Ki 87
Wyatt/Cuerno 86
Cimapa/Puma 85
Damo/Star 84
Oka/AA 84
Virus/Sabre 83
Hojo/Hero 83
Elgin/Tana 80
Rush/sydal 79
Rush/Ospreay 78
Maximo/Minoru 78
Hama/Naito 75
Okada/Lee 73
Bailey/Ishi 73
Cave/Shibata 72
Virus/Oreilly 71
Tana/Kama 70
UG/Hideki 70
Hojo/Lee 70

Lowest vote total was 70.

People have moved on

Prove me wrong

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My apologies, the tone of your earlier post (plus the way the subforum looked) sounded like you said "Fuck it" and aborted the tournament.  But good to see it's still going.

I think part of it also is there's people on here who actually gave up on wrestling.  They might be on the board in other topics (comics, movies, etc.) but I've seen enough in the past couple years that said they stopped watching wrestling or as much as before.  What they're putting out today isn't quite gelling with them and it rather than find other companies they said fuck it.  I still think the tournament is worth doing, as is adding people we don't regularly see.  I didn't know about Io Shirai or Hojo before last year's tournament, but am damn sure glad I know about them now.

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So, in an effort to try to at least offer a counter to that narrative, I can guarantee you I've watched a lot more people due to these tournaments All the NJ guys in the 2014 tournament got me back into that company. I'm not big into Lucha, but I've definitely watched more of it to see who this Caveman guy is, and since then, it's spiked interest in the UK/Irish indy scene. I know Stardom exists because of this tournament.

Yeah, not everyone's gonna put the work in, but at least some people are. Not saying this means Phil should or shouldn't do it, it's his time to spend as he sees fit, and I appreciate the work he puts into it while understanding that by no means are we entitled to it.

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I've lurked here for decades it seems but rarely post. This tourney makes me happy because in the past I've learned so much from it over the years. It's such an easy place to watch matches of people I didn't know and I point lots of people here when I want them to know about Io Shirai or Black Terry.

Anyway, I guess, I get why you'd want to stop. Thanks for being a catalyst in making me a better fan.

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