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Happy Birthday to the Great One

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A happy 82nd birthday to the Reverend R. Lionel Fanthorpe. Some of you may know him as Trevor Thorpe, Deutero Spartacus, Karl Ziegfried, Pel Torro, Oben Lerteh, or Bron Fane. Frighteningly prolific, Fanthorpe had 34 novels published in 1960-61. At the same time he was writing entire magazine content for publications such as Supernatural Stories. With an output like that the question "is any of it good?" has to arise. The answer being that while lots of his work (especially the science fiction) is laughably bad, he did produce what would amount to two or three volumes of really top-rate supernatural fiction. You probably couldn't get any publisher to take the idea of a Fanthorpe collection seriously, but it would be a pretty cool thing. 

Working with his daughter, Fanthorpe was as of 2015 still at it, producing new work in the science fiction genre. Good on him!

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