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UFC 208: Holm vs. De Randamie (2/11/2017) - Brooklyn, NY (Barclays Center)


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16 hours ago, TheVileOne said:

For such an experienced boxer, de Randamie had no problem hitting Holm straight down the middle.

Since she went in guns blazing instead of sticking to the outfighting tactics that have traditionally brought her success, that makes me think that part of the blame should fall on her corner for giving her shitty advice.

I'm sure she caught some heat for not fighting with urgency in the loss to Shevchenko, but her tactics in this fight were an overadjustment bordering on abandonment of technique.

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16 minutes ago, Curt McGirt said:

Re: leg kicks finishing, us old timers still remember Paul Varelans (AKA Baby Huey) vs. Marco Ruas.

Indeed we do.

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