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Heads Up Battle 1976 KKK v. Murdoch V. Jones v. Rocco

Phil Schneider

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Really enjoyed killer Karl vs. dickey Murdoch, watching kox and Murdock beat the shit out of each other was great. I loved the heel work from Kox hiding the foreign object. Just thought it was a really good match. I haven't seen a ton of WoS so this match was interesting to me. I watched all 3 parts. I enjoyed the build at first I wasn't sure who the heel and face were as they were both just doing a great back and forth job trading holds. It became very apparent the Rocco was heel though. I loved how he kept attacking Jones at one point not allowing him to get up. The ref I thought did a good job as well physically restraining Rocco.  All in all I'd say Murdoch and Kox had the better match though. I like it when 2 fellas just beat the shit out of one another. 

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