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To make up for the Parka match (sorry Segunda friends, just not my bag) here is maybe the best singles match in FMW ever. White-hot feud gets blown off. Hakushi bleeds, dies, busts out all his cool moves. Mr. Gannosuke is a capital-E-capital-D Evil Dick. It rules and you should watch it! 


EDIT: Holy SHIT, the assisted powerbomb through the table that starts this thing off you will rewind ten times in a row. Gannosuke and Kanemura topping it off with the "smoking a J" '70s-era daps is the cherry on top.

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This Wrestle-1 show has:

-Terry Funk and Mil Mascaras having a very fun legends match with Honma/Nakajima

-AJ Styles and Kaz Hayashi doing the most

-Murakami trying to kill Tenryu with a broken bottle

-Sasaki and Choshu going at it

-Shibata and Akiyama trying to kill each other with their bare hands.

Like the man used to say: you want ALL of this.  OK, maybe not the Predator match.


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Emman Azman(c) vs Endboss Gregory from Malaysia Pro Wrestling


Azman is YOUR Melbourne Championship wrestling Intercommonwealth champ and belt is on the line! Fun little match with a simple, well-told story: Azman is tiny and speedy and Gregory wants to keep him on the mat and wear down his arm.  Azman also has dope tights that combine the Malaysian and Australian flags. He does not, however, really have the ups or the timing to do some of the stuff he wants to do, but he's charismatic and gives it the ol' college try.  Gregory does some very plausible chain wrestling and bases best he can for Azman.  The structure of the match is very AEW, down to having an unnecessary strike exchange in the middle.  Not quite a Rampage match, but nobody would notice if you stuck it in the middle of Dark.

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I keep re-re-rereading old DVDVRs and finding up shows to pull up from the Internet Archive. Here is a BattlARTS show with an M-Pro multiman clasico. 


BattlARTS on Samurai TV - 1/21/97
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Arena: Korakuen Hall
Attendance: cca. 2.300
Singles Match
Ikuto Hidaka vs. Shoichi Funaki
Singles Match
Naohiro Hoshikawa vs. Alexander Otsuka
Eight Man Tag Team Match
Gran Hamada, Gran Naniwa, Masato Yakushiji & The Great Sasuke vs. Kaientai DX (Dick Togo, MEN's Teioh, Shiryu & TAKA Michinoku)
Singles Match
Minoru Tanaka vs. First Tiger Mask
Tag Team Match
Daisuke Ikeda & Katsumi Usuda vs. Takeshi Ono & Yuki Ishikawa


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The second half of AJW Wrestling Queendom Victory 1995:



  • IWA World Title Triangle Match: Takako Inoue (c) vs. Toshiyo Yamada vs. Reggie Bennett
  • Lioness Asuka vs. Yumiko Hotta
  • WWF World Women's Title Match: Bull Nakano (c) vs. Kyoko Inoue
  • WWWA World Title Match: Aja Kong (c) vs. Manami Toyota
Now the Triangle match is way better than most traingle matches, because it's not a Triangle match. It's a Winner Stays on 3 woman Gauntlet. To win, you have to beat both opponents consecutively.
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God got up one morning, He was in an ugly mood

He was sick of floods and plagues, He wanted something really rude

He made a big piranha out of broken glass and glue

Then He gave her two legs and a nasty attitude


Well the Sahara was a jungle till she ripped out all the trees

Then she looked up at the mountaintops, they all began to freeze

The sun gave her a cold until she set it on fire

Check and see it for yourself if you think that I'm a liar


God made the Devil just for fun

But when He wanted the real thing He made Aja Kong


She's a head splitting, fire spitting human earthquake

She makes the young ones wonder and the wise ones shake

She's got the hands of a gorilla, got the head of a snake

She keeps looking but hasn't found a thing she can't break!


God made the Devil just for fun

But when He wanted the real thing He made Aja Kong


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ACW Summer Meltdown 2000, an Upper Peninsula Michigan indie wrestling event that I attended in Summer 2000 that had appearances from a Fake Doink and a Fake LA Parka but inexplicably somehow managed to book Real MENG while he was in WCW. And the opening match has Ken Anderson pre-WWE/TNA, and I assume he was my second favorite wrestler on the show next to Meng because he came out to "Push It" by Static X


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