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I am starting the offseason thread now since news is already starting and probably will come hot and heavy by this evening

Teams who need Head Coaches

  • Rams
  • Jaguars
  • Bills
  • Broncos (If reports are to be believed)
  • Niners (if reports are to be believed)

Other possibilities

  • Bengals (Marvin Lewis may or may not be retiring)
  • Chargers (That Browns loss isn't doing McCoy any favors)
  • Jets (All reports say Bowles keeps his job)
  • Browns (Jackson SHOULD keep his job but these are the Browns)
  • Saints (more because of the constant rumor that Payton will take a job with another team)


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Frankly, McCarthy might be in trouble if Green Bay loses too. 

Also, the QB situation is going to be bezerk this off-season.  

I think Tony Romo will be playing his final regular season game as a Cowboy. If so, it will be very interesting to see where he lands. He cannot get cut without re-working that deal because it kills a ton of cap room for Dallas, but he also cannot stay because Prescott has been lights out all season.

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3 minutes ago, RIPPA said:

Schefter is also saying that Jim Irsay is unhappy (shocker) so all the Colts coaches are in limbo right now

That just may be withdrawal however, so the best hope for the Colts coaching staff is some methadone.


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10 minutes ago, Gonzo said:

Gary Kubiak has reportedly made his retirement official.

It's unfortunate but if his family and he came to that decision so be it.

It's not going to be a big name coach because Elway is going to have all the personnel decision making power. So it'll be a coordinator most likely.

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