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1 minute ago, RIPPA said:

Vikings waived Blair Walsh finally

I believe Kai Forbath is the replacement.

Honestly it could have been me and Vikings fans would have been happy

This is correct. On all counts.

Walsh has everything it takes to be a great kicker, but after last January it wasn't happening in Minnesota.

With the addition of Forbath, the Vikings' kicker, holder/punter, and long snapper were all on the same UCLA team in college, which I'm sure has happened at some point in NFL history but I'm not aware of it.

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Yea - with their record and his history of concussions, he knows his season is probably over after that.

The scary part is that I think it was at least two plays from the initial hit until he was taken out.  The play before he got removed, it looked like he was having a hard time getting up near the sidelines - so he had gotten his bell rung already before that.

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Boy - shows you what a shitty slate of 1 pm games it is. The local DC affiliate is showing the Giants/Bears (since the Skins are on Sunday Night)

Granted it helps that the Ravens are playing the Cowboys - since that is the other game

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Nothing sums up the Browns like Steelers having first and goal with 10 sec left. Two pass plays and horrible clock management and time expires. But penalty on Cleveland gives Pittsburgh an untimed down. Gamblin' Tomlin goes for the TD, Cleveland breaks up the pass...but PI on the corner. Another untimed down. Tomlin goes again...and finally Bell scores the TD.

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